Vanishing Birds Baffle UK Pigeon Racers

Posted by on August 27, 2012

UK pigeon racers have dubbed an area the “Bermuda Triangle” after mysteriously losing hundreds of pigeons since the season began in April. The disappearances always seem to occur in the same region.

[quote]“When they fly down to the Thirsk, Wetherby and Consett area…something always seems to happen.” – Austin Lindores, Hundreds of racing pigeons vanish in ‘Bermuda triangle’ of birds[/quote]

One possible explanation is the high number of rain showers in the area, which may be forcing the pigeons off course. The increase in solar flares, “distorting magnetic fields,” may also be the culprit.

Or, and I’m just throwing this out there, there’s a dimensional rift somewhere between Thirsk and Galashiels, remnants of the lost City of Atlantis, swallowing the pigeons into some kind of eldritch nightmare.

Who knows what terrible routes they must fly in those dark places.



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Post by Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. He manages Stranger Dimensions in between changing aquarium filters and reading bad novels about mermaids.