Sink Florida (For Fun!)

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I get it — you’re bored and you feel like sinking Florida.

We’ve all been there.

NOAA has you covered with their Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts simulator. Go ahead, check it out.

You can even view photographs of different landmarks that change depending on the Sea Level Rise, which you can manipulate with a slider.

At full Sea Level Rise, Riverwalk Park in Tampa takes on a whole new meaning, and Burrough’s House in Fort Myers gets a new swimming pool.

Watch, too, as Kennedy Space Center boldy goes where no Space Center has gone before: the Atlantic Ocean.

The simulator is actually meant to provide data to scientists and coastal managers. Using this tool, they can get a better understanding of the impact of potential sea level rise and coastal flooding.

But, really, it’s all about pretending you’re a mad scientist with an evil, weather-controlling ray gun.

Walt Disney World is safe. For now.

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