Get Your Stinking Paws Off Me: Baboons Raid Cape Town, South Africa

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Planet of the Baboons

We seem to have a Planet Of The Apes situation going on down in Cape Town.

Baboons have reportedly terrorized the South African city for months, snatching food out of cars, sleeping on roofs, breaking into homes, and generally running amok without any sign of stopping.

Anthropologist Shirley Strum believes “it may already be too late” to effectively control the baboons, though fencing them out seems the only remaining option beyond hunting them down.

Much of the problem stems from the lackadaisical response to the baboons early on; Strum argues that the baboons “should have been deterred from approaching and feeding on human food from the start,” and that they’ve “become dominant” to the surrounding human population.

Now, they’ve got one heck of a problem on their hands.

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