A Strange Case Of Paranormal Humidity

When ghosts are just too hot to handle

Here’s an odd tale from an anonymous individual who’d recently moved into an apartment near his or her college. At first, things were fine. Well, as fine as moving into a new apartment can be.

Sure, there were odd noises at night, shrugged off as nothing more than inconsiderate neighbors. But then, something else happened.

A few days before reaching out in a Reddit post, the witness felt something “very hot and humid” move across their face while in bed. The air conditioning was off, but this hot sensation kept returning. “I didn’t think much of it,” the witness wrote. But that was hardly the end of it. “What really got me,” they continued, “was when browsing the laptop I felt this humid air but with it was also some kind of fog which was very visible from the light of the laptop screen.”

The witness included two images with the post. One shows an unmistakable translucent white vapor, that almost appears how someone would look when dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. But the witness claims this was a very real encounter.

“I got freaked out and just tried to blow it out with my hand… it wouldn’t go away… I jumped out of bed and tried to take a couple of pictures with my phone since this was really weird/interesting and kind off creepy… I took 6 pictures but only have 2.. the other 4 are very white and only the corners are showing I have no idea why…”

“This is the reason that I can’t sleep,” the witness concluded.

Ghosts are said to cause many different phenomena, including temperature changes and, more commonly, cold spots. Is this an example of ghosts causing hot or humid spots?


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.