Ladytron Presents: Gravity The Seducer

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I often wonder how one would go about joining the Illuminati, assuming they’re real. Do they send you a secret message after you’ve become rich and famous, or proven yourself in some way? Or do you become rich and famous after they’ve…well, recruited you?

At any rate, the above is a promo video for Ladytron’s latest album Gravity The Seducer, released in September 2011. Back then, there were comments about some of the album’s imagery and how it referenced the Illuminati, the occult and other secret societies.

Things about a burning woman and astral imagery, white gold and elixirs and silent conquerors. I don’t know; maybe they were right.

Their video for Mirage was even filmed among the Callanish Stones, depicting some kind of fire ritual performed by women in red cloaks.

And their video for White Elephant contains some intriguing imagery, as well, particularly the butterfly masks and broken mirrors.

I wonder: have you ever heard of something called Monarch Programming?

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One Reply to “Ladytron Presents: Gravity The Seducer”

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