The Soviet Film Agency’s “Experiments In The Revival Of Organisms”

Posted by on June 4, 2012

(Please note that you might find the above video kind of gross.)

In 1940, the Soviet Film Agency released a motion picture titled “Experiments In The Revival Of Organisms.” It was a brief showcase, if you will, of their scientists’ purported work in “reanimation,” or the resurrection of deceased animals.

The dog head isolation experiment, which begins at about 2:35, is particularly interesting.

The Soviet Resurrection Experiments
Image: YouTube

“The isolated head even reacts to light and to sound…”

Of course, stimulating an organ with electrical signals isn’t “resurrection” by any means. It’s also unclear if the content of this film is real or simple fakery; the dog head is slightly perplexing, and could have easily been accomplished by shoving a (living) dog’s head through a hole in the table.


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Post by Rob Schwarz

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