True Terror Has Arrived: The Robot That Can Debone A Chicken

Posted by on June 2, 2012

Robots. They can fly. They can perch. They can rock out to the James Bond theme.

Gary McMurray, chief of the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s food processing technology division, wants to add one more achievement to that list.

He wants to create a robot that can debone a chicken.

It’s really an exercise in robotic intelligence. While a human can view a chicken and determine the appropriate areas to cut and pull — using the senses of sight and touch and the reasoning of the human brain — this can be a difficult task for a robot.

That’s where McMurray and his team at the Georgia Institute of Technology come in. They’ll be putting their new technology to the test this month, showcasing what sounds like a very interesting bit of hardware.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new tech is

“…equipped with robotic arms and a surgical blade…guided by a three-dimensional imaging system that can determine in a split second the size of each chicken and where its skin, meat and bone are…”

Apparently, such a robot would “save millions of dollars in labor costs.” That could just mean more displaced workers and a tougher economy in the long run, though. Some are concerned over the robot’s accuracy, as well.

Innovation comes with a price, I suppose.

Of course, these robots are smarter than you think. They start off deboning chickens, sure. But then, it’s on to deboning humans.

That’s how they get you.



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Post by Rob Schwarz

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