Real Jedi Wear Sunglasses

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Ever wanted to have your own, real lightsaber? Well, now you can!

Sort of.

Last week, Wicked Lasers unveiled the LaserSaber, a “sword” inspired by the one true weapon of a Jedi knight, the lightsaber. They power on just like the classic laser swords from Star Wars, too, but these aren’t mere replicas.

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age, the LaserSaber features an actual laser (billed as “the world’s most powerful laser you can legally own”) and something called a “magnetic gravity system.”

Of course, when every new Padawan gets his own pre-constructed lightsaber in the mail, it’s always a good idea to read the warning label on the box.

  • Should be operated only by professional Jedi.
  • Must wear laser shades.
  • No fencing or swordplay.
  • No duels on volcano planets.

Maybe not that last one.

I’m not sure what to think about the LaserSabers, really. They seem interesting. They’re obviously not the true lightsabers everyone’s been waiting for, but hey: They sound dangerous enough.

“Only operate while wearing laser shades in a controlled environment…”

Wicked Lasers: LaserSaber, a radiant blade that pulses with energy

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