1 In 7 Believe The Apocalypse Will Occur In Their Lifetime

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A new Ipsos Public Affairs poll has found that a good chunk of the world’s population believes the end is coming. And soon.

15 percent believe the apocalypse will happen “during their lifetime,” while 10 percent believe the Mayan doomsday prophecies are correct, and that something will occur at the end of this year.

The poll doesn’t reveal just how people think the world will end, but it’s clear our “global consciousness,” if you will, is focusing more and more on these apocalyptic possibilities.

Perhaps it’s thanks to all those doomsday prepper shows.

The poll does, however, reveal that people living in the United States are far more likely to believe the end is near than, say, those in France or Britain, and most who do are under the age of 35.

As for the Mayan “prophecies,” we have about 7 months to go, so we’ll find out soon enough.

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