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The Windsor Hum “Only Canadians Can Hear”

Those unexplained, worldwide rumbling noises have mystified us for a while now, but something even stranger may be happening over in Canada.

It’s called the “Windsor hum,” another mysterious rumble that’s been agitating the people of Windsor, Ontario since last year, to the point that some claim it’s making them ill.

According to ABC News, Canadian officials previously determined that it “came from the area of Zug Island, a…steel industrial site on the U.S. side of the Detroit River.”

Perfect! Mystery solved!

But not quite.

Apparently, River Rouge residents living near Zug Island don’t hear anything.

One of three things is happening, then: Either Zug Island isn’t the cause of the strange rumbling noises, or the people of River Rouge have just gotten used to it.

Or, and this is just a theory, the sound vibrations from the industrial site are somehow bypassing nearby residents and hitting Windsor directly, perhaps amplified by some natural phenomenon.

Let’s also not forget the barn that was demolished by “unexplained tremors” in Sooke, BC, Canada in March.

Of course, we could just throw this story onto the growing pile of strange, alien-like rumbles coming from the sky. What are they? Why now?

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Rob Schwarz

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