Astronauts Encounter Unidentified Objects During Final Shuttle Mission

“Okay, we’re seeing three or four objects…”

During their final mission aboard space shuttle Atlantis, astronauts were perplexed by what appeared to be multiple floating orbs outside their window.

A video highlighting this strange occurrence surfaced on Youtube earlier this week, and it’s certainly curious.

Of course, these “orbs” could be nothing more than reflections of space debris, but we can’t be too sure. They moved slowly, and at least one (at around the 7:00 mark) seemed to fade in and out.

Skip to the first clear shot of the orbs at about 4:57 and see for yourself.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Orbs?
Image: NASA

“It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen on the outside of the shuttle, that’s for sure.”


Rob Schwarz

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