Google’s Project Glass: A Glimpse Into The Future?

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Last week, Google revealed their latest groundbreaking tech endeavor, Project Glass.

It’s a compelling, optimistic view of the future, in which smartphones are discarded in favor of sleek “augmented reality” glasses.

It’s Google’s future, a world where the divide between reality and online interactivity is practically erased.

Want to take a picture? Just capture what you see with your own eyes. Lost? Google Maps pops up right in front of you, showing the way. Video chat, memos, contacts.

It’s all there.

Of course, there are naysayers; an article over at The Guardian describes the feel of the ad as “intolerably claustrophobic,” alluding to the “closed” nature of the protagonist’s Google lifestyle.

Maybe. In fact, I have my own concerns about our growing over-reliance on technology. And then there’s this:

The general response, however, has been mostly positive, if not skeptical.

One of the greatest concerns is distraction. Just think: We have issues already with people texting and driving, walking into fountains, and following Google Maps out into oncoming traffic.

And that’s just with a phone.

Who knows what terrors await in the world of Project Glass?

I guess my biggest problem is that it seems far too idealized, given the tech we have now. Going from a touch-based cell phone to a hands-free, AR visor in only a few years seems very ambitious.

Then again, the video is called “One day…,” nothing more than a showcase of their design philosophy and ultimate goal.

What do you think? Are you excited about Google’s vision of tomorrow? Or would you rather not become so integrated with the online world?

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