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Secret Symbols: The All-Seeing Eye

It’s all around us.

On the one dollar bill. On television. Online. The all-seeing eye is there, silently watching. But what is this mysterious symbol, and does it have a deeper, more sinister meaning?

The Eye Of A Secret Agenda?
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Andrew Dunn

Also known as the Eye of Providence, the all-seeing eye is the symbol of a single eye encompassed by a triangle, often surrounded by shining rays of light. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt and the Eye of Horus, and it usually holds a religious significance.

In Buddhism, for example, Buddha is often called the “Eye of the World.” In Hinduism, it is known as the “third eye” of Lord Shiva. And in Christianity, the triangle surrounding the eye is said to represent the Holy Trinity.

According to Nigel Brown of the Freemasons, the all-seeing eye is ultimately “a reminder of the existence of a higher being.” It is the all-seeing eye of God, or the “Great Architect of the Universe,” watching over the entire world.

Others view it as symbolic of opening one’s own eyes, or perhaps one’s inner eye, to greater knowledge, transcending the physical and entering a higher state of perception.

Eye Of Providence: A Sinister Vision?

But not everyone believes the Eye of Providence is a benign symbol. Instead, many feel it is a not-so-secret method of control. Or, at the very least, that it is the “signature” of an enemy hiding in plain sight.

The principle actor in this agenda is everyone’s favorite secret society, the Illuminati. Through the proliferation of this symbol, it is said that they are able to spread their influence, using subliminal stimuli, to gradually ensure their dominance over an unsuspecting populace.

Every time you see the Eye of Providence, it reinforces your subliminal understanding that you are a pawn in a far-reaching conspiracy. It’s perfect, then, that this symbol is found on, and often associated with, currency — perhaps the most viewed and coveted object in this corporate, materialistic world we live in.

At least, that’s what they say.

The All-Seeing Eye Is Ever Watchful

Here are just a few instances of the All Seeing Eye, or the Eye Of Providence, found in modern society:

On the Great Seal of the United States (reverse), beneath which is written “A New Order Of The Ages”

The Great Seal Of The United States

The CBS logo

CBS Logo - The All-Seeing Eye?

The America Online logo

America Online's Logo

The Time Warner Cable logo

The Time Warner Logo

The seal of DARPA’s Information Awareness Office (defunded in 2003, though certain projects continue to operate under different names)

The seal of DARPA's defunct Information Awareness Office

World Of Warcraft

The Eye of Providence in World Of Warcraft

Throughout the MMORPG World of Warcraft, players can find countless pop culture references. But there are also many allusions to secret societies and symbols of the occult. The above image is just one example of the Eye of Providence popping up in the land of Azeroth, and there’s even a quest in the game called All-Seeing Eye.

“I perceive the questions that burn within your mind and I must confess that I share in your uncertainty…”

Is there truly a secret agenda hidden within these symbols? Or is it nothing more than a harmless nod to ancient imagery and design?

Perhaps it’s both, but we can’t be certain.

What do you believe?

Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. For nearly 10 years, he's managed Stranger Dimensions, providing a unique perspective on all matters involving time travel, parallel universes, and whether or not robots might one day take over the world.


  1. Here is a way to prove secret societies indeed exist: symbols, world events, corporate controlled mass media, Hollywood, many facets of the music industry, President John F.Kennedy coming out about this, and finally, common sense. Go on living, but realize absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the love of money is the root of all evil.

    1. exactly people have been using this symbol for hundreds of years, its just recently been seen as an evil symbol and thats probablly exactly what they want, to make people think good is evil. and evil is good.

    2. I saw it too while doing breath work. And its the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced. Its pure love and has nothing to do with all the negative emotions some have in their minds when they think of the all seeing eye.

  2. the fact that theyve made you believe its an evil symbol means they now have sole ownership and power over it, because you believe that and because a lot of people do. it was originally a symbol of god watching over creation and a symbol of evolved higher consciousness, but what they do is get people to all belief its evil because belief is psychic energy and power, so wha your doing by believing its evil is giving psychic energy and power to them to use that symbol as magic against you.

    1. i disagree man belief isn’t the answer to that its either one thing or another, to say that its just belief is to say that the only thing that makes us human is the belief that we are human , what if two people believe two different things about the same object who is right ?

  3. I had a dream/vision of the masonic all seeing eye, a light shown out of the pupil illuminated the globe. It was not like any dream I ever had because after waking I knew it had not come from my own subconscious. Like that image was placed there by something else. For the longest time I thought I had been given a vision from God. Which still could be the case…but in 2010 is stumbled upon the exact image while doing a Google search in college. The vision was the exact symbol which they tried to use for the Total Information Awareness Office.
    Now I believe they want me to think it’s Government related but I believe it is Demonic…the Fallin Angel’s from the Bible or the Jinn from the Holy Quran.

  4. It was a symbol of mind control at one stage from the alternate future been the beginning in the positive dimension where the rulers was evil vindictive influenced via money and greed……but in this transdimemsional y peace is the algorithm required by the ancient ones it will come to flucshin in time but where there is positive negative must always be…..have faith and prey for positive…..p.s my father was the algorithms expert of this age inventor of digital data transfer….we are all just a vibrational signal

  5. The truth is itps I’d a symbol of both. With the gift of sight. Your third eye you can tell.The evil people in the open took i blundly t as a way to represent themselves .Most of the world is to foolish to even grasp it. The bottom pyramid represents them. And works it way up its the majority that understand it more. You will see it plain ad day with the gift of sight. The devil is closing in right under our nose and we can’t even see it. A beautiful lierb. Because the root of all evil and man’s nature to sin. He has hold of the government. Claiming to want good but mostly lyiers. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. It go’s on and on. Simply said. It the battle of good vs evil. Light. and dark positive and negative black anf white right and wrong. The good in and God is in your heart. The bad is the devil are of the earth and possession or earthy ones. The eye is all around all the time. So don’t do bad and fall for the lie. If we do this as humans beings and spiritually. It would be shed some light on the world or the better and bring good to the shining the light of truth.

  6. Eye of Horace in both Time Warner And CBS logo’s reinforces consent to the “masters”.. People need to become aware that they are being misled. Certain movies have you subconsciously vow to agree to things. When you come across new information ask it if it resonates with you. Follow your heart.

  7. Rob, the citizen patrols who are being trained in Stasi-like psyops and the cybermobs hanging out on the social media pages where their activity is coordinated…have appropriated this symbol, which they call the “eyes of God”. This refers to the fact that they are given access to certain anti-terror level tech to use in their harassment campaigns and they feel it gives them god-like omniscience. In practice, the tech is used only to see what they want to see. It is used like a weapon in the sense that they want the population to fear them and what they can do with it.

  8. I had a vision of an eye inside of a pyramid a few weeks ago. I felt very calm and intrigued by something. I think of it often and wonder/feels like it means something.

    1. I had that dream. But it didn’t seem like a dream. I always felt like I got a visit from god. It was before i was aware of the eye in the triangle. Sometime later, I was like ‘wow, other people must have seen it too”.

    1. You are so right, without you there is nothing. The all seeing eye is the Sun which sees all of earth every day and supply whatever is needed for life to carry on. That sun outside of you is the same as your solar plexus within oneself.

  9. Lol the represent each n everyone’s eyey because everything we made inspiration, attraction alot is from the eye is the one makes your faith much stronger . you sow your dream car,dream house,wife guy’s can’t you see that you eye help you get even information . your subconscious mind inspiration is from your eye what you follow to get it your eye will get it first than you

  10. I saw the eye of Horus at sunset, while on psilocybin mushrooms. The eye came out of the sun and was a very clear image. It was during sunset which set behind the mountains in Lake Tahoe. I could only stare in awe, there were no bad feelings at all. There was a comforting feeling seeing and looking at it. I’m thankful to have seen it.

  11. It’s all of the things you all say, this morning it revealed itself to me and it’s deeper meaning, you, you are the all seeing eye as am I as is god as is the GAOTU, it’s also a tool that can be used in any situation to measure whatever it is you face using intent or someone else’s intent, I will leave that with you but that should be enough to shine some light on the matter. Three points from one end to the other – how do you get from A to B and then complete the journey – that’s right you draw a line from one point to the other.

  12. I’ve dreamed of this Circle inside the Triangle it’s very clear. i wonder what could that mean.. or perhaps there is no meaning to it at all.. just another stupid dream..

  13. The Bible gives interesting hints about the “eye”. In genesis 4 it says “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” It’s obvious that the serpent wasn’t talking about physical eyes but a spiritual eye(s). It’s also important to emphasize that this eye opened up after eating from the tree of “good and evil” or duality. In Christianity “the tree of life” is represented by Christ in opposition to “the tree of good and evil”. This eye is not “all” evil but also can be good and depends greatly on the person own perception of his/her surroundings. But this can be a trap if there’s lack of awareness and therefore leading to a spiritual death. The masons display their checkered board and their colors of blue and red as a sign of owning both sides (good and evil). They worship the tree of good and evil as displayed in one of the Olympic ceremonies. Also “order out of chaos” we see “good and evil”. After Christ came he let us know that he’s “the tree of life” and that’s the one we should follow and worship. He also mentioned “the eye” as the lamp of the body and how even when this lamp/light is in us, the darkness can be great to such an extent win despite of the light. It’s possible that this eye is consciousness. The knowing between good and evil. In my opinion choosing the tree of life is the way because not everything that looks good is good and not everything that is bad is bad.

    1. I think your explanation or how others would have it “your opinion” is the best I’ve read. Thank you for that. I feel as though I have just been enlightened. 🙏 All honesty I have been confused about the Eye for so long and now it makes sense the way you put it. I can see now it’s truly all perception and the energy one chooses to put into it. Awareness is definitely key. Praying for higher consciousness 🙏

  14. All of you who think this all-seeing eye is so wonderful are in a most dangerous position. This symbol has nothing to do with God ( capital G) and his son Jesus. As we speak, all of you are under Satan’s enchantments and do not have the ability to discern the things of God, for you are blinded by the Prince of this earth who has everyone under his spell, who rejects the Bible, Jesus, and the gospel message. This world is about to embark on the most awful times that has never faced planet earth since Noah and the worldwide flood. I urge you, please do your duty for yourself and read the Bible daily and get on your knees and seek the Lord with all sincerity and be transformed into His image so you can stand through the time of trouble that will come upon the earth. If you don’t believe me, read this book, The Great Controversy, don’t judge anything until after you have read it. God has predestined the whole world to receive eternal life, but unless you receive it as a gift and give your life back to Him and stop serving the prince of this world., you can never enter His Kingdom. You must be born again through His spirit. You can download the Great Controversy. I pray for all of you to find the real God while He yet can still be found. God loves all His creations especially all of you. Don’t delay, give your heart to Jesus before it is too late.

  15. I have actually seen these in a vision(wide awake) I was in my room and noticed several thousand eyes looking at me as if peering through cracks in a wall(not my wall) everything had a blood red tint to it. They appeared evil.They appeared to be laughing at my surprised expression. I also saw young white boys.As if they were being passed the torch to peer into the life of someone else.So many…Not all of them were eyes some were complete faces. And in front of them.A demon(in appearance) descended before me.It was smug in it’s smile looking in my direction. I prayed to jesus christ for clarity but received none.

    I am uncertain now. I am a follower of Christ and this vision appeared to me as I was praying. I could of sat there staring back them for hours.But opened my eyes and did not want to close them again.

    I think GOD temporarily allowed me to see the evils that are always watching.(without technology,or subliminal etc)They are always watching.Even when you have everything off and you think your alone.The eyes are always watching.

    I know that in the bible GOD has heavenly beings that are covered with eyes.Heck even the throne he has,has many eyes. Assuming this was indeed GOD I saw…It was shaped like human but not exactly. It seemingly enjoyed showing me what it’s been doing the entire time.

    Maybe it was one of the rebels of heaven. There was no love from this thing. Just pure malicious intent. The thousands of eyes in the background along with some faces that were obviously human. And the creature that stood in front of them…

  16. I’ve been reading about various “seeing-eye” topics.

    [1]eye of Horus (moon)
    [2]eye of Ra (sun)
    [3]evil eye
    [5]ALL-seeing eye (Gods)
    [6] Eye of Providence (God)
    etc, etc, etc..

    SO: if you are using one of these protective items for protection; then aren’t you then being watched by those so-called “protective” forces?
    the question I have is..
    [Q:] is there an item, talisman, etc, etc that is supposed to be able to BLOCK all-forms of “seeing-eye” abilities..

    regardless of whatever cultural-background this “seeing-eye” ability is from?

    to block ALL forms regardless of whether it is supposedly god or evil?

    simply.. to become invisible to ALL “seeing-eye” know-hows?

  17. The symbol itself is not evil at all. It is a portrayal of time, balance, consciousness, intelligence, illumination. It was used since ancient times, originated from the Phoenicians.
    However, when their knowledge was stolen it was used for different things, mostly to gain superiority over others. In simple terms, it was used for Power and Greed.
    Any type of symbol can be used for good or evil. However, using it to gain power will destroy you in the long run, as we see now how greed backfires, the earth is dying.