Unidentified Object In Russia To Be Examined By “Space Experts”

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A group of Russian space experts have been called in to examine a large, silver object that allegedly fell from the sky in the small village of Otradnensky, Russia.

It was reported to local police on Sunday, and described as weighing 200 kilos (440 lbs), with one side that looks somewhat like a satellite or, perhaps, the top of a silo. It’s also, according to police, hollow and completely empty.

But Roscosmos says the object “is not related to space technology.”

No one witnessed it falling from the sky, and it certainly appears man-made, but for now the identity of this peculiar object is up in the air. As far as we’ve been told.

Also, I suppose it’s pertinent to add that, back in December, residents of Otradnensky reported “strange sounds” emanating from the nearby woodland. Could this be related to the other strange noises we’ve been hearing throughout the world?

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