Neutrinos! Stop, In The Name Of The…Laws Of Physics!

I suppose I should write something about the outcome of that whole faster-than-light neutrino situation, given that I’ve written so much about them already.

But I’ll make this one quick.

On Friday, scientists at CERN announced the results of their latest neutrino speed test, called the Icarus experiment. The final answer?

Neutrinos do not travel faster than the speed of light.

Einstein wins again.

Since the original announcement back in October September, it was always very, very likely that the results were due to faulty measurements or some other miscalculation. Even a few months ago, the scientists revealed that faulty wiring may have been the culprit.

Now, thanks to the Icarus team, who reattempted OPERA’s experiment, the story finally seems to be coming to an end.

According to Sandro Centro, co-spokesman of the Icarus team, “I think they were a little bit in a hurry to publish something that was astonishing, and at the end of the day it was a wrong measurement.”

Of course, I’d always held out hope; the thought of shattering one of the fundamental pillars of modern physics was exciting. But science is science, and we have to move on.

We still have the Higgs Boson to look forward to.


Rob Schwarz

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