Scientists Will Attempt To Create Artificial Brain

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to build a biological machine. A computer made of living parts, with processes driven by a human brain but used just like any ordinary computer.

It’s a terrifying thought; that you could create such a thing, that it could be conscious yet trapped within the confines of whatever case you decide to put it in.

However, despite the ethical implications, not to mention the complicated science involved, neuroscientist Henry Markram is planning to give it a try.

Something similar, anyway.

Markram and his team will attempt to design a “supercomputer model” that will emulate the human brain, which will then be used to learn more about the function of our own brains. Oh, and best case scenario, it becomes sentient:

“If the plan works, then the resulting model will be capable of learning and will gradually develop complex cognitive abilities, much like a living human.”

Then, they’ll subject it to all kinds of weird experiments.

Now, imagine if your consciousness were trapped within a computer program to be tested. Or to perform tests. Would you enjoy the experiment, or would you ultimately turn against your creators?

In fact, this all sounds very familiar.

GLaDOS, Courtesy Aperture Science
Image: Portal 2

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