Wyoming House To Study Doomsday Contingency?

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The Wyoming House is currently attempting to pass legislation in order to study appropriate “doomsday” measures.

They aren’t necessarily referring to the apocalypse, of course. They’re more concerned with political or economic collapse. And, given the current state of things, I suppose can see why.

According to Wyoming House Bill 85:

“AN ACT relating to governmental studies; providing for a task force to study government continuity in case of a disruption in federal government operations; providing for a report; providing appropriations; and providing for an effect date.”

And what, exactly, would the study investigate?

“The task force shall study potential impacts on Wyoming of, and preparation of the government and the people of Wyoming for, a potential disruption of the United States federal government including, but not limited to:

(i) Potential effects of a rapid decline of the United States dollar and the ability to quickly provide an alternative currency;

(ii) Potential effects of a situation in which the federal government has no effective power or authority over the people of the United States;

(iii) Potential effects of a constitutional crisis;

(iv) Coordination between the governor’s office, Wyoming national guard and any federal military in Wyoming;

(v) Potential effects of a disruption in food distribution;

(vi) Potential effects of a disruption in energy distribution.”

Well, those are happy thoughts.

They’d also considered the possibility of “raising a standing army, instituting a draft and acquiring an aircraft carrier,” but reportedly those proposals didn’t fly.

The truth is, we’re already living in uncertain times. The fact that state governments are now seriously considering such events, however, is very unsettling.

But it’s always good to be prepared.

Update (February 29, 2012)

Turns out not everyone is as concerned about the future. Yesterday, Wyoming House Bill 85 was voted away into oblivion with a 30-27 vote.

Good move, or should the bill have passed?

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