Paint Your Own Nebula With This Cool Online App

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Ever wanted to paint your own nebula?

Well, now you can, with Neonflames at It’s an awesome “toy” that allows you to easily create your own nebula-like masterpieces.

Of course, they’re not exactly like the images from the Hubble Space Telescope. But if you try hard enough, they can come pretty close. You can also get some very interesting results if you play with the colors (click the images to see their full-size):

Depth Perception

And just for comparison, here’s an actual Nebula:

Nebula NGC 604 (Image courtesy NASA)
Nebula NGC 604 (Image courtesy NASA)

So go play with the options and see what you can come up with.

Update: And tell me this isn’t a weird example of collective consciousness. Or a huge coincidence.

I stumbled upon this app earlier today and was messing around with it, then decided to share it here on the blog. Even though it’s called “Neonflames,” the art you can create looks pretty close to a nebula, and I thought I’d made some neat, original observation about the program.


Afterwards, I headed on over to Tumblr (as I often do) and what do I see?  paint your own nebula reblogged by the-star-stuff (originally posted by valjeans) not a few hours earlier.

Mind. Blown.

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