Did Our Collective Consciousness Affect Super Bowl XLVI’s Coin Toss?

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I won a free pizza Sunday night.

It’s true. Along with however many other people were enrolled in the Papa John’s rewards program (I guess it’s technically called Papa Rewards).

Basically, the contest went like this: Prior to the Super Bowl, everyone in the rewards program voted on whether the coin toss would be heads or tails. Heads won, so if the coin toss before the Super Bowl also turned up heads, everyone would get a free pizza.

So, yeah, I won a pizza. Whatever. That’s not what I’m interested in.

Our Collective Consciousness

There exists a phenomenon — or, rather, a theory of a phenomenon — in which our consciousnesses are linked.

The collective emotional and psychological response of a group of people becomes intertwined, affected by great events. And, more interestingly, this “collective consciousness” may even change the world around us.

I’ve mentioned this before.

It’s said to happen when a large number of people concentrate on a specific outcome or event.

In the case of the Super Bowl coin toss, we wanted free pizza.

We wanted the coin toss to be heads.

And so it was.

Now, do I personally believe this was the case? I don’t know. I’m simply raising the possibility.

A coin toss watched by over a hundred million people, many of whom were aware of the chance for a free pizza, does make for a fairly interesting litmus test.

It also makes you wonder if the whole thing wasn’t just one big collective-consciousness experiment.

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