Mystery Illness In New York Remains An Enigma

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The community of Le Roy, New York is the victim of a strange and troubling illness.

This “mystery illness,” which appeared last fall, is now affecting over a dozen students at Le Roy High School. The victims are exhibiting Tourette’s-like symptoms, with uncontrollable body movements and vocal outbursts.

Several medical doctors and psychiatrists believe it is a form of conversion disorder, in which the body expresses “emotional distress” through physical symptoms.

However, much of the local community and others across the nation aren’t buying this. Erin Brockovich herself, famous for her work in California, has raised awareness of a toxic spill near Le Roy High School, which she believes could be the culprit.

I first saw this story a few weeks ago on one of the morning news programs. Two of the girls were interviewed. Twitching, and with the occasional, uncontrollable outburst. It seemed very uncomfortable. It’s possible many of the affected are suffering from conversion disorder, or are playing along for attention, but we’ll need to wait for further analysis to get the full story.

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