Could The Strange Noises Around The World Be Electromagnetic?

There are hundreds of “strange noise” videos on Youtube. A lot of them are clearly hoaxes, with sounds from movies or other effects playing over ordinary outdoor scenes.

But with so many of these videos, they can’t all be fake.

Can they?

There has to be a reason for the growing number of these experiences.

“Electromagnetic Noise”

After strange noises were reported in Battleford, Saskatchewan — noises which were also heard by North Battleford’s mayor — the intrepid reporters of CTV News in Regina set out to find a logical explanation.

They got what they were looking for from professor Jean Pierre St. Maurice of the University of Saskatchewan.

According to the professor:

“Somehow they’re picking up noise from an environmental antenna that happens to be there. That is electromagnetic noise…but really, actually, it’s not a noise; it’s electromagnetic waves emitted from the aurora above our heads or emitted from the radiation belts a bit more to the south.”

Case closed?

Maybe. There are, for example, several other videos on Youtube showcasing what happens if you take the radio-like frequencies emitted from planets and convert them into audible sound waves.

What they produce is eerily similar to the strange noises people are hearing around the world today:

Perhaps there is a natural antenna here on Earth converting these frequencies or waves, which have always been there, into something we can hear.

The question is: why now? And is it something new?


Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.