Ghost Sightings at Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Dark spirits from the grave come forth...

It may be the happiest place on Earth, but Disneyland isn’t immune to the occasional ghost sighting. Over the years, several videos and other accounts have popped up, leaving us to wonder if perhaps the Haunted Mansion might be leaking.

Are the specters in these videos actually ghosts? Or is it your imagination?

A ghost wanders the path at Disneyland

A ghost casually makes his way through the empty park, appearing as a translucent figure on security camera footage:

A shadowy figure walks down a pathway at Disneyland
Image: YouTube

A ghost rides Space Mountain

Sometimes even death can’t stop you from hopping on your favorite ride one last time. Or perhaps for eternity. Check the video to see a ghostly form head to the nearest space rocket:

A ghost seemingly disembarks at Space Mountain
Image: YouTube

Maintenance camera shows real ghost on Tower of Terror

This one can be hard to catch given the turbulence of both the camera and the elevator itself (which, if we want to be skeptical, could in fact be what is causing these “ghosts” to appear). The “ghost(s)” makes multiple appearances at 0:27, 1:24-1:25, and 1:52.

Here are some still shots:

Maintenance guy sits on Tower Of Terror ride
Image: YouTube
A transparent figure appears next to the maintenance guy
Image: YouTube
Things get really bright, showing two figures on the Tower Of Terror ride
Image: YouTube

Real ghosts or video artifacts, those images are pretty creepy. Especially given that we’re talking about a ride that involves people getting blasted into another dimension…into the Twilight Zone.

Supposing for a moment that these are paranormal entities: Could certain park-goers riding The Twilight Zone: Tower Of Terror have been so traumatized that they left their terrified energies behind, causing residual hauntings to repeat in their wake?

By the way, I really like the nonchalant attitude of that maintenance guy. Riding those things day in, day out, not for fun but to make sure everything’s going well. And when he lost his hat? He shook it off. Just shook. it. off. What a pro.

Ghost watches fireworks from the Disneyland castle

I understand that Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland is a bit smaller than, say, Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom. But this shadowy figure — maintenance guy or ghost — appears huge at 0:13.

Some commenters on YouTube wonder if this isn’t the spirit of Walt Disney himself taking in the firework show.

Ghost watches fireworks from the Disneyland castle
Image: YouTube

Ghost catches a lift at the Hollywood Tower Hotel

Another ghost at the Tower of Terror? Seems appropriate. Again, for a ride based on the idea of getting hit by lightning and sent into a nether dimension known as the Twilight Zone, perhaps real spirits can relate.

In case you missed it:

Alleged ghost caught on video at Tower of Terror
Image: YouTube

Just a little humanoid figure there in the elevator opening. And that about wraps up the videos.

I have a terrifying story about the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, myself. It’s called being stuck on the Wedway People Mover for two hours while someone over an intercom constantly pages Tom Morrow.

You might also be curious about the ghost of George, who is said to linger at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Magic Kingdom. Or, if motion rides are more your thing, check out this image of an alleged spirit that rides Star Tours.

I’m not sure if that particular ghost still hangs around, since the original ride closed in 2010 to be replaced by Star Tours: The Adventure Continues. I guess that all depends on how the ghost feels about Disney’s Sequels. But that’s a story for another time…

Rob Schwarz

Writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. Editor-in-chief of Stranger Dimensions.