New MMORPG The Secret World Asks, “What If All Conspiracies Were True?”

Posted by on December 8, 2011

While I’ve never found online roleplaying games entirely thrilling, I can’t help but be a little intrigued by Funcom’s upcoming hybrid MMORPG The Secret World.

Set in modern day, The Secret World is an online game that supposes every conspiracy theory, every urban legend, is true. Players will work with ancient secret societies such as the Templar and Illuminati and battle against mythological beasts and creatures of folklore.

They’ll visit familiar locales such as New York and London, as well as more curious sites like the wreckage of the Polaris, a destroyed ship seemingly caught between dimensions. They’ll also come face to face with a variety of strange entities. Ancient djinns. Dark spectres returning to Earth. Zombies. The Wendigo.

All while fighting a secret war just out of sight.

Even if you don’t intend to play, you might still be curious about which secret society you’d most fit: The crusading Templar? The powerful Illuminati? The Dragon, masters of chaos? Take the test and find out.

Me? I apparently belong to the Illuminati. The above video is their introduction.

The Secret World is set to launch next year, and registration for the beta is currently open.


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