Old Bluffton Returns From A Watery Grave

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Old Bluffton, Texas has been obscured by the watery depths of Lake Buchanan for years, but a stubborn Texan drought has lifted the veil on this hidden town lost in time.

The drought, deemed “exceptional” by the U.S. Drought Monitor, has caused Lake Buchanan, the largest a big lake in Texas, to recede, revealing the broken gravestones and cracked foundations of the abandoned town.

But Old Bluffton isn’t the only relic returning to view.

Several lakes around Texas have also slowly revealed their secrets, piquing the interest of local historians and archeologists.

Fossils, burial grounds, and ancient tools. Even looters have taken an interest, attempting to snatch up a piece of history before the drought ends and the mysteries of the past return to the abyss.

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  1. Buchannan isn’t the largest lake in Texas. In fact, it’s not even close. Sam Rayburn is the largest lake fully enclosed in Texas. Toledo bend is even larger but shares a border with Louisiana. Texoma, Sabine and Richland-Chambers are all larger as well.

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