One Step Closer To Invisibility

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Invisibility. Outside of flight, mind-control, and time-travel, it’s one of the most sought after super powers, and now University of Dallas researchers are one step closer to making it happen.

Using heat and one-molecule-thick carbon nanotubes to bend light rays, they’ve been able to create a mirage-like effect that hides whatever lies behind them.

The effects of the technology, which you can easily see at work in the above video, happen at the flick of a switch.

Unfortunately, because it requires heat transfer and is most effective under water, its practical applications, at least for the time being, are few. Anything hiding behind the mirage effect could still be detected through the use of heat or motion sensors.

But this may open doors for future technologies, and let’s be honest: If you were a soldier and had the option of becoming invisible at the push of a button, a la Predator, heat sensors or no, wouldn’t you take it?

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