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Image: Anderson Mancini/Flickr via CC by 2.0

Scientists Link Monkey Brains to Create Monkey “Brainet”

Single brain-machine interfaces are already an incredible technology, and we’ve seen them at work with robotics and even flying quadrotors. But scientists at Duke University Medical Center recently upped the ante by completing an experiment involving multiple brains controlling a single machine at once – or, in this case, a virtual robotic arm. ⇒ 9:17 pm

Image: YouTube screencap
Image: YouTube screencap

2015: The Year of a Robot Wedding…and a Robot Duel?

On June 27, 2015, a historic event took place: Yukirin and Frois got married. Not a huge deal, on the face of it, I know. But there’s one tiny detail that makes this wedding more peculiar than others. Yukirin and Frois are robots. The bride, Yukirin, is a robotic version of ... ⇒ 11:07 am

Image: screencap of YouTube video
Image: screencap of YouTube video

Behold, the Sword-fighting Robot

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen robots wielding knives (or even chainsaws), but if you didn’t think humanity was quite doomed enough, here you go: a robot that’s been programmed to sword fight. ⇒ 3:19 pm


The Ghostly Voice of Joseph Faber’s Euphonia

Behold, Joseph Faber’s Euphonia. This curious amalgamation of various mechanical parts was exhibited in December 1845 at the Music Fund Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Using a keyboard and foot pedals, Faber demonstrated his strange invention to private audiences, and what they witnessed was something genuinely ahead of its time: a ... ⇒ 3:19 pm