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Image: Case Western Reserve University/YouTube

Biohybrid Robots Use Animal Tissues to Create “Living Machines”

Biohybrid robots seem like the new thing in robotics. Cybernetic organisms, living tissues over metal endoskeletons, you could say. Or, in this case, 3D-printed materials.

Image: YouTube/CNBC

Sophia, the Robot that Will Destroy All Humans

March 29, 2016 Inventions & Tech

Hanson Robotics, spearheaded by one Dr. David Hanson, are behind some of the most fascinating (and creepy) human-like robots in existence. Now, Hanson has mixed one part Audrey Hepburn with one part his own wife to create a new robot that seems rather excited about destroying humanity: Sophia.

Image: Boston Dynamics/YouTube

BigDog Wishes You A Happy Holiday

December 23, 2015 Inventions & Tech

BigDog is kind of creepy. But apparently even a creepy four-legged robot that sounds like a dying housefly can take a moment to celebrate the holidays. In the above video, Boston Dynamics shows off three – three! – of their quadruped BigDogs hauling what appears to be Mrs. Claus, wishing ...