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Giant Robot Battle 2016

MegaBots Releases Trailer, Updates On Upcoming Giant Robot Duel

September 15, 2016 Inventions & Tech Leave a comment

Looks like we’ll be getting that giant robot battle after all. Despite a few delays, yesterday MegaBots revealed the above trailer for season one of their upcoming documentary series, which will follow them on their journey toward building the world’s largest sports combat robot. And preparing for a duel with ...

Image: YouTube/CNBC

Sophia, the Robot that Will Destroy All Humans

March 29, 2016 Inventions & Tech

Hanson Robotics, spearheaded by one Dr. David Hanson, are behind some of the most fascinating (and creepy) human-like robots in existence. Now, Hanson has mixed one part Audrey Hepburn with one part his own wife to create a new robot that seems rather excited about destroying humanity: Sophia.