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The Prophecy of the Popes

The Prophecy of the Popes

Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation today. As soon as I heard this, I knew exactly what would follow. You see, there’s something called the Prophecy of the Popes. Some attribute it to Revelations, others to Nostradamus (who indeed had his own prophecies regarding the popes). But the origin of ... ⇒ 7:19 am

Apocalypse 2012: Eyes Of Majora

“I went to great lengths to get that legendary mask. When I finally had it…I could sense the doom of a dark omen brewing. It was that unwelcome feeling that makes your hair stand on end.” – The Happy Mask Salesman Oh, we don’t have much time, now. ⇒ 11:46 pm

Apocalypse In Russia

Russia Prepares For The Apocalypse

Last week, the Russian government issued a statement regarding the forthcoming Mayan apocalypse, reassuring its citizens that everything is going to be all right. Well, except for “blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes, floods, trouble with transportation and food supply, breakdowns in heat, electricity and water supply.” (Might want to work on ... ⇒ 9:40 am