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Lerina Garcia

Lerina Garcia: Did She Wake Up In Another Universe?

September 20, 2016 Parallel Universes 6 Comments

Lerina Garcia’s peculiar tale surfaced many years ago in the comments section of a Spanish website called Tendencias21. It was there she claimed, with some reservations, that she had somehow “jumped” into another universe. A universe similar, but not quite, to her own. Sound strange? It is. It’s also impossible ...

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House

July 9, 2016 Ghosts & Phantoms

Sarah L. Winchester believed her family was cursed. That’s why she built the structural oddity at 525 South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, California – a place of winding corridors and stairways to nowhere of which M.C. Escher, or perhaps H.P. Lovecraft, would be proud. It’s a mansion that has ...