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Russia Wants to Blow Up An Asteroid

There are many ways to stop an asteroid. You could attach rockets to one, steering it away from Earth. You could shoot one, knocking it off course. You could even capture one inside an inflatable bag, redirecting it elsewhere. Seriously. And then there’s the old Armageddon standby: Nuke the asteroid to ... ⇒ 10:16 am

Ends of the World: Nuclear War
Image: YouTube

Ends of the World: Nuclear War

We live on the brink of destruction. The above video is an artistic representation of the 2,053 nuclear explosions that occurred between 1945 and 1998. According to the Federation of American Scientists, there are 4,300 active (operational) nuclear warheads and more than 17,000 total nuclear warheads in the world as ... ⇒ 11:06 am

Roswell Aliens?

Ends Of The World: First Contact

In Carl Sagan’s novel Contact, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) gets exactly what they’ve been, well, searching for: a communication from an alien civilization. In fact, they receive a series of communications. One is a repeating signal in the “universal language” of mathematics, the first 261 prime numbers. Another is ... ⇒ 1:30 pm

Image: Flickr/NASA/Swift via CC by 2.0

Ends Of The World: Gamma-Ray Bursts

There’s something out there. Something that happens every day. If it were to happen at the right distance, and point in just the right direction, it would obliterate everything on Earth’s surface. We wouldn’t have much warning, and any preparation would be meaningless. There would be nothing we could do ... ⇒ 1:09 pm