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The “Big Rip,” Coming Soon(er) To A Universe Near You

July 23, 2012 Science Leave a comment

Most physicists thought, if it happened, the “Big Rip” would occur in about 20 billion years. That’s when they predicted our constantly expanding universe would tear itself apart, driven by a mysterious force known as dark energy. But now Chinese cosmologists claim, with a “95.5% confidence level,” that we may only have ...

An Artificial Jellyfish Made Of Rat Heart Cells

July 23, 2012 Inventions & Tech

Bioengineer Kevin Kit Parker of Harvard University and his team of scientists at the California Institute of Technology have successfully created a “jellyfish-like creature,” what they call a Medusoid, out of rat heart cells and a silicone film. The “creature” moves thanks to a pulsating electric current generated in its ...

Zombie Bobby, A Short Horror Comedy

July 18, 2012 Entertainment

Ingrid loves Bobby, even though he’s a bit shy. And dead. And a zombie. Check out their crazy antics in this short Swedish film by Paprika Produktioner, and see why you probably shouldn’t leave bottles of mysterious pink liquid sitting around in your apartment. Or maybe you should…

Black Hole Time Machine
Image: NASA

Could A Kerr Black Hole Be Used To Travel Through Time?

July 17, 2012 Time Travel

Common knowledge tells us that a journey into a black hole ends, well, badly. That’s because its center — the singularity — is an infinitely dense region of space-time, from which nothing can escape. But, as our twisted universe would have it, there’s actually a certain type of theoretical black ...

Mars Rover Landing Game
Image: Mars Rover Landing (Xbox 360)

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Lands On Xbox Live

July 16, 2012 Space

NASA’s really playing up their excitement for Curiosity’s arrival on Mars next month, and why wouldn’t they? For the spectating EDL engineers, it’ll be an intense seven minutes of nail-biting trepidation. They’ve already released a dramatic video presentation to help themselves cope. But, wanting to amp up the mission’s exposure even more, ...

Star Tours Ghost

The Ghost That Rides Star Tours

July 16, 2012 Ghosts & Phantoms

Speaking of Walt Disney World, here’s an image taken from the original version of Star Tours over at Disneyland. You see it, right there in the seat? Apparently, a strange figure would occasionally pop up on one of the ride monitors (allegedly cabin 2). Just a shade, a shadow. A ...