Image: Screencap of video "UFOVNI Sighting - Burning "V" Alien UFO Invades Sky Over Brazil"

Video: Mysterious “Fire Object” Over Argentina and Brazil

January 29, 2015 UFOs 3 Comments

Here’s a video of what appears to be a fireball reportedly witnessed over Brazil and Argentina earlier this month. However, the curious thing about this one is the music choice for the video that the object appears to “change direction.”

Image: YouTube

Top 5 Worst Paranormal YouTube Videos

January 27, 2015 L'Absurde

When I see videos claiming to show evidence of Bigfoot or ghosts or some other paranormal entity, even if they turn out to be hoaxes, I usually enjoy them. There’s something about old grainy footage of aliens — and 1980s-90s paranormal documentaries in particular — that I find intriguing, real ...

Beam me over to the next room, Scotty!
Image: Stefanie Mueller/YouTube

Engineers Create Teleporter that Doesn’t Actually Teleport Anything

January 26, 2015 Inventions & Tech

…but it’s still pretty cool. The device, designed by German engineers, is actually a modified 3D printer, dubbed “Scotty” after the Starship Enterprise’s chief engineer in Star Trek. The process works like this: Place an object inside Scotty #1, press the teleport button, and the object is scanned by a camera ...