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Project Blue Book at The Black Vault
Image: 1949 Roswell Sighting Documents

Declassified Air Force UFO Files Appear at The Black Vault

January 19, 2015 UFOs 2 Comments

The Project Blue Book Collection, recently added to The Black Vault, contains thousands of pages of declassified UFO documents, all part of official investigations into UFO phenomena conducted by the United States military from 1947 to 1969.

Image: screencap from video

Video: “Blackburn Ghost” Caught on Camera

January 11, 2015 L'Absurde

Two men, on a dark night in Lancashire, England, caught this footage of what’s now being called the “Blackburn Ghost.” In the video, the two men spot a ghostly figure in the distance from their parked car, on a road between Blackburn and Belmont. But things take a turn for ...

Image: platlbolo via CC by 2.0

Popocatépetl Volcano: An Epicenter of Paranormal Activity

January 5, 2015 UFOs

A mountain rescue team working near Mexico’s Popocatépetl claim they spotted giant humanoid creatures, at least 2 meters in height, scaling the active volcano last month. The creatures, according to the following video by Tercer Milenio TV, were described as “slender, fast,” wearing no clothing and holding no equipment. They made ...