5 Curious Facts About The Year 2012

September 28, 2011 Science 1 Comment

2012 is upon us, and whether or not you believe the world is doomed and we should all be crowding into our underground bunkers, there’s a lot of interesting stuff set to happen. So put on your Hazmat suits and grab your flashlights, because here’s what we have to look ...

Brain Scans Reveal What You See

September 27, 2011 Science

Prepare to be terrified. Researchers at UC Berkeley have successfully lifted the veil of the human mind to catch a glimpse of what we see. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), they’ve been able to reach into the brains of their subjects and recreate moving images of various film clips shown ...

Image: NASA via CC by 2.0

It Fell…From Space!

September 25, 2011 Space

For days we’d heard that a NASA satellite, which had orbited our planet for some 20 years, would come careening down to Earth. Where would it hit? When would it hit? Who would be the unlucky one-in-a-trillion to get creamed by falling space debris? Fortunately, no one drew the short ...