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Image: Google Maps

Strange Patterns Found In Gobi Desert

New Google Maps images have revealed what appear to be strange patterns in the Gobi Desert. The patterns exist near China’s border with Mongolia, between Xinjiang and the Gansu province, and not terribly far from Dunhuang, the “City Of Sands.” You can view the above pattern through Google Maps at ...

Mysterious Radiation Looms Over Europe

November 15, 2011 Yesterday's Myths & Mysteries

So, what do you do when you find low-level traces of radiation in the atmosphere and you don’t know where it came from? That’s exactly the problem the International Atomic Energy Agency is facing after trace amounts of iodine-131 were found hovering over Europe a few weeks ago. It was ...

Solar Flares: Mostly Harmless

November 15, 2011 Space

I’ve mentioned our sun’s destructive potential at least twice here at Stranger Dimensions, highlighting the fiery menace in The Ends Of The World: Solar Flares. Even earlier this month, some were worrying about what would happen when the sun’s most active area turned in our direction. Nothing horrible occurred in ...

The Ends Of The World: Solar Flares

November 7, 2011 Space

It’s unlikely that solar flares will ever kill us. That may be an odd way to begin an “Ends of the World” post, but it’s true: so long as the Earth’s magnetosphere remains stable, we’re fine. Then again, that’s the catch, isn’t it?

Astronauts Return Home From Mars Simulation

November 5, 2011 Space

The first humans to travel to Mars returned Friday after an 18-month voyage. Of course, it was all just pretend. For 520 days, astronauts in Moscow took part in an experiment to study how a mission to the red planet would affect human physiology and mental well-being. They spent the ...