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Ends Of The World: The Toba Catastrophe Theory

March 19, 2012 Science Leave a comment

Sometime around 70,000 years ago, a massive super eruption occurred at what is now Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia. It was one of the most powerful volcanic explosions in Earth’s history. In fact, some believe it caused a catastrophic volcanic winter that killed most life on Earth, reducing the entire human population to ...

29% Of Americans Believe In Bigfoot

March 17, 2012 Cryptids

A new Angus Reed Public Opinion poll has found that at least 29% of Americans believe Bigfoot “probably” exists, compared to 21% of Canadians. Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, gained mainstream popularity in 1958, when footprints of the creature were found in northern California. However, stories of these hairy, human-like ...

Creepypasta: Urban Legends For The Information Age

March 13, 2012 Entertainment

You’d think people wouldn’t believe in urban legends anymore. Folklore. Tall tales. They seem like outdated concepts, perhaps out of place in this skeptical, post-modern world we live in. However, believe it or not, urban legends have thrived in the Information Age. We now have this giant network at our fingertips — the ...

Illuminati HQ
Image: The Secret World

Visit Agartha In The Secret World

March 8, 2012 Entertainment

“What if I told you there was a hidden world, that all around you was a secret world that you were blind to…” The Secret World is an online roleplaying game set in a world where every conspiracy theory, every urban legend, every wicked horror story is real. Where the ...