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The Gnome Situation: Alleged Encounters & Sightings

Folks, we need to talk. Apparently, there’s a situation brewing that, until a few days ago, I wasn’t aware of. That’s right: Humanity is being attacked by gnomes.


Russia Wants to Blow Up An Asteroid

March 3, 2016 Space

There are many ways to stop an asteroid. You could attach rockets to one, steering it away from Earth. You could shoot one, knocking it off course. You could even capture one inside an inflatable bag, redirecting it elsewhere. Seriously. And then there’s the old Armageddon standby: Nuke the asteroid to ...

How To: Join The Illuminati

February 29, 2016 L'Absurde

The Illuminati. A secret society hidden in the shadows, pulling the strings of world events and manipulating popular culture through fame, fortune, and the ever-present All-Seeing Eye. Are they real? Well, of course they are, according to many conspiracy theorists. And the spam email and comments I’ve been receiving lately. ...