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Adobe Voco

Adobe’s VoCo Lets You Put Words In Your Audio Recording’s Mouth

November 28, 2016 Inventions & Tech 1 Comment

How much do you trust what you see? How about what you hear? Several months ago, I posted about Face2Face, a program that allows for the manipulation of video in real time to change and animate facial expressions. It’s an interesting technology, but also concerning – all you have to ...

Virtual Reality and Space Exploration

Virtual Reality and the Future of Space Exploration

June 7, 2016 Space

At Pax Prime 2012, Dr. Jeff Norris of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory gave a surprisingly emotional presentation, during which he shared his view of how space exploration may look in the future. He spoke of real-life holodecks and robotic avatars — a future in which we’ll all play a role ...