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Yesterday’s Myths & Mysteries

Image: Alexandra Moir via CC By 2.0

The Mermaid Situation

Mermaids. Throughout the world, these half-fish, half-human creatures have embedded themselves in folklore and legend, film and literature. The first known story was that of the Syrian goddess Atargatis, who inadvertently transformed into a mermaid. She had intended to become a fish, as self-punishment for killing a human she loved. ... ⇒ 11:06 pm


Video {Hoax}: The Birdman Pirate Broadcast

This video is undoubtedly fake, but I found it interesting (and entertaining) nonetheless, and thought I’d share. It surfaced on May 9, 2013, and allegedly contains evidence of a broadcast intrusion that occurred on November 18, 2007 at 3:43 PM on Fox affiliate station Fox 30 in Jacksonville, Florida. An episode ... ⇒ 1:01 am


Vrillon: A Message from the Ashtar Galactic Command

If an alien civilization ever decided to contact the people of Earth, how would they do it? Would they park their flying saucer out on the White House lawn? Would they skip the pleasantries and hover their destroyers over the world’s major cities? Or, perhaps, would they send a message ... ⇒ 6:38 am