Yesterday’s Myths & Mysteries

Image: MUFON submission

MUFON Report: A Fiery Stone With an Alien Face

Well, this MUFON report was just downright confusing to me. Case #64892. January 12, 1995 at about 6:15 am. Praia do Hermenegildo, Santa Vitoria do Palmer, Brazil. It’s a beach. Our MUFON reporter tells the story of a strange, fiery stone that fell from the morning sky. It appeared first ... ⇒ 9:36 pm

Image: Allan Henderson via CC by 2.0

What Causes Animals to Rain from the Sky?

As Norwegian biology teacher Karstein Erstad skied through the mountains of southern Norway last week, he came across an extraordinary sight: thousands of earthworms littering the snow before him. Where had they come from? Were they alive? ⇒ 2:51 pm

Image: screencap from YouTube video

UFO Rings: The Hula Hoops of the Sky

There are innumerable different types of unidentified objects out there, some more common than others. Rods, orbs, saucers. Doritos. And then we have rings. While perusing the latest UFO reports from April on the MUFON database, I came across the following submission involving yet another one of these suspicious rings in New Ellenton, ... ⇒ 11:59 pm

Is Atlantis in Morocco?

Is the Lost City of Atlantis in Morocco?

The lost city of Atlantis is thought, by some, to be nothing more than myth, part of an allegory written by the Greek philosopher Plato in his works Timaeus and Critias. But one German computer programmer, Michael Hubner, believed the city was real, and that he may have discovered its ... ⇒ 3:10 pm

Image: Screencap from YouTube video

Video: A Flying Humanoid in Peru?

A video out of Puerto Maldonado in Southeastern Peru may or may not contain evidence of a “flying humanoid.” Have a look for yourself. Dr. Anthony Choy (investigative journalist, National Coordinator of the Peruvian Association of Ufology, and of course the host of Viaje a Otro Dimension — that is, ... ⇒ 1:22 pm