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York Ghost Sighting 2016

Woman Claims Ghost Grabbed Her In English Café Restroom

An Inverness woman claims she experienced a ghostly hand grab her leg while in the restroom of a café in York, England. As York Mix reports, she visited the Earl Grey Tea Rooms earlier this month, and later shared her remarkable tale on the website TripAdvisor: “Before leaving I visited the ...

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House

July 9, 2016 Ghosts & Phantoms

Sarah L. Winchester believed her family was cursed. That’s why she built the structural oddity at 525 South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, California – a place of winding corridors and stairways to nowhere of which M.C. Escher, or perhaps H.P. Lovecraft, would be proud. It’s a mansion that has ...

4 Signs Your Pet Has Seen A Ghost

February 14, 2016 Ghosts & Phantoms

Can pets see ghosts? Dogs, cats, rabbits? Turtles? It’s an interesting question, and while it remains unclear whether or not ghosts actually exist, many people do believe that animals’ exceptional senses allow them to see anomalous activity that we humans cannot. There are even some alleged “signs” that our pets can, in fact, ...