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What Does Ouija Mean?

What Does “Ouija” Mean? A Curious Etymology

March 31, 2017 Ghosts & Phantoms 1 Comment

I’d always thought the meaning behind the name Ouija was simple. “Ouija” – the French “Oui” and the German “Ja,” both words meaning “Yes,” put together into one odd-sounding name for a spirit board. That’s what I’d been told, anyway. As it turns out, the truth is far more fascinating. ...

Derbyshire Dakota Douglas

Multiple Sightings Of “Ghost Plane” Reported Over Derbyshire, England

February 22, 2017 Ghosts & Phantoms

Multiple sightings of an alleged “ghost plane” have been reported in Derbyshire, England recently. A number of curious residents have spotted an old World War II aircraft, a Douglas Dakota, flying very low before seemingly disappearing. Some witnesses have described it as not “quite right” — its engines perfectly silent as the ...