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Hanna Buschbeck: A Vision from Beyond?

Inspired by the work of Friedrich Jürgenson, Hanna Buschbeck dedicated much of her life to researching electronic voice phenomena, or communication with the dead via audio recordings. So perhaps it’s no surprise that, after her own death in 1984, she would herself appear in spirit form on a television set.

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The Haunting Transmissions of UVB-76

It would seem UVB-76 went active again last night. Also known as The Buzzer, this shortwave radio station has existed since the late 1970s, usually broadcasting nothing more than a repeating buzz tone. But sometimes, like last night, that tone is interrupted, replaced with a mysterious voice transmission.

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The Ongoing Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

At 16:41 GMT on Friday March 7, 2014, 227 people boarded Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. They have not been seen since. What began as an ordinary flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has turned into one of the most peculiar aviation mysteries of our time. During the flight, with no ...

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The Unusual Contents of Uncle Nick’s Attic

I shared an image in my scientifically-proven sleep aid yesterday that I feel deserves more than just a passing mention. It comes to us, once again, courtesy Reddit’s No Sleep district, in a post by Redditor Jivegantor titled “My Uncle’s Attic.”

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