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Lonnie Zamora UFO

Lonnie Zamora’s 1964 Close Encounter: One of the Best-Documented UFO Sightings

September 11, 2016 UFOs Leave a comment

Most UFO sightings are, to put it nicely, frustrating. Whether it be blurry, shaky cellphone footage, vague claims on paranormal websites, or those extremely fake CGI videos we’ve all seen on YouTube, ufology suffers from a terrible case of noise. However, there are some UFO reports out there that have ...

Angel Hair & UFOs

Angel Hair: UFO Residue Or Something More?

September 4, 2016 UFOs

Angel hair is an alleged phenomenon during which mysterious white strands of an unknown material fall from the sky — or heavens, hence the name — without a clear source. In many cases, it’s been found hanging from trees or coating the landscape, and when picked up, it feels almost gelatinous. ...

Image: CIA
Image: CIA

2016 and the Case for UFO Disclosure

February 1, 2016 UFOs

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again – a new presidential election cycle, and with it new promises that whoever becomes the next Commander in Chief will disclose the truth about UFOs and the existence of aliens here on Earth. But what do the candidates think? Will the truth, whatever ...

MUFON Report: 1971 & 1988 UFO Sightings

January 3, 2016 UFOs

I’m a big fan of retro UFO sightings. Maybe it’s the way those old pictures look, or the fact that – in my opinion – the most famous and intriguing “extraterrestrial” encounters seem to have occurred before the millennium. Well, with some exceptions, of course. Anyway, here are two sightings ...