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Is Atlantis in Morocco?
Image: wonker via CC by 2.0

Is the Lost City of Atlantis in Morocco?

The lost city of Atlantis is thought, by some, to be nothing more than myth, part of an allegory written by the Greek philosopher Plato in his works Timaeus and Critias. But one German computer programmer, Michael Hubner, believed the city was real, and that he may have discovered its ...

The Drombeg Stone Circle of Ireland

May 9, 2013 Ancient Mysteries, World

In County Cork, Ireland, near the country’s southern coast, lies the Drombeg stone circle, a megalithic monument also known as the Druid Altar. Thirteen standing stones remain of the original seventeen, forming a broken circle that dates back to the Bronze Age. At its prime, the sandstone pillars of the ...

Agharta and the Golden City of Shambhala

Agharta And The Golden City Of Shambhala

January 18, 2013 Ancient Mysteries

As the Russian philosopher Nicholas Roerich passed through the sprawling mountains of Central Asia in 1926, he and his guides were shocked to witness an incredible, golden orb floating in the sky. “…high up in the cloudless sky, they clearly saw a golden spheroidal object moving from the Altai Mountains ...

Chichen Itza Ball Court

Archeologists Determine Purpose Of “Watchtower-Style Structures” At Chichen Itza

October 7, 2012 Ancient Mysteries

Archeologists at Chichen Itza in Mexico have determined the original purpose of previously discovered “watchtower-style structures.” It’s believed the Maya people used these structures, which were located atop the walls of the ceremonial ball court, to calculate equinoxes and solstices. To determine their ancient functions, archeologists actually reconstructed the watchtower-like ...