An Alien Skull Found On Mars – Or Is It Something Else?

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NASA’s Curiosity rover has once again captured what some are claiming to be proof that alien lifeforms exist on Mars.

The above video, complete with the ominous music and expert analysis we’ve come to expect from the folks over at Paranormal Crucible, shows us what would appear to be an alien skull in an official NASA photograph of the Martian surface. The video also suggests, however, that the skull may have belonged to an ill-fated Sasquatch.

Now what, you may be asking, would Bigfoot be doing on Mars?

Well, believe it or not, there’s always been speculation that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, may actually be an alien entity, or even an inter-dimensional traveler. The Mount Shasta sightings, as well, paint Bigfoot as a very strange creature, indeed.

But that doesn’t mean what we’re looking at here is an alien or Sasquatch skull. In fact, when I enhance the image using my patented Stranger Dimensions Image Enhancement Technique (I zoom in a little bit and mess with the contrast, don’t tell anyone), an even more bizarre possibility reveals itself.

Mars Gopher


This is no skull. It’s another one of those darn Mars Gophers. (Gopher outlined.)

Well, it’s not alone.

Mars is already known as the home of squirrels, lizards, and dinosaur fossils.

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