Zozo: A Ouija Board Phenomenon

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Image: Gabriel Molina via CC by 2.0

In every reported encounter with the entity known as Zozo, there is a single common thread: darkness. To communicate with Zozo via a Ouija board is said to invite an unrelenting demonic force into your life.

But what is Zozo, and why has it terrorized thousands of people around the world? This, I’m afraid, is not an easy question to answer.

The first reported appearance of this entity occurred in 1816, when a young girl in Picardy, France fell victim to a severe demonic possession (this according to the Dictionnaire Infernal, published in 1818 by Jacques Collin de Plancy). She became the vessel for a number of demons, one of which was our mysterious Zozo.

Later, when Ouija boards entered popular culture in the 20th Century, stories of Zozo began to rise, with numerous tales told of the Ouija spirit, the one who devours souls and changes lives.

A Planchette of Stories

Zozo is a complicated entity, or so it would seem. In most stories, it’s initially friendly, sometimes using a different name. Occasionally, it will appear in the middle of a conversation with another spirit and interrupt the communication.

The planchette performs strange figure eights or “inverted Zs,” and answers become repetitive. But it does not take long for an encounter with Zozo to turn frighteningly negative.

It’s difficult to tell which stories about Zozo are authentic and which are nothing more than urban legends. Some tell of murders and suicides, while others involve possession, physical ailments, abuse, curses, and other phenomena commonly associated with demonic forces.

Some have even claimed that Zozo attached to them or their family, like a parasitic demon.

The following are a handful of stories about Zozo that have appeared throughout the Internet. Perhaps they’ll give you a better idea of what it’s like to summon the ouija demon into your life. Follow their links to read more.

The Demon Zozo

In 2012, a user at Ghost-Space.com (now inaccessible, but may be found here) shared the story of a confrontation with a suspicious Ouija spirit. Her friend had been asking the spirit board questions about her recently-deceased father, which it answered correctly.

Then, the board unexpectedly turned its attention to her mother.

Again, the board seemed to have a supernatural knowledge of their parents. “We were both in tears,” she wrote. Then, the active spirit seemed to “switch” again. They asked who it was, this time, and the reply was haunting: “The pointer went O Z O Z O Z O Z O. We called him Oz. We asked him to blow out a candle to prove himself and before we completed the sentence the candle was out.”

The strange spirit also knew the exact time, when asked. However, it would later reveal a haunting truth – he had been there the whole time, posing as her friend’s father and her mother, answering questions correctly by reading their minds.

The two of them immediately put the Ouija board away when the spirit began to curse. They wanted nothing more to do with this “Oz.” Unfortunately, when they returned to it a few weeks later, thinking the worst had passed, they again met Oz. “He was nasty, cursing at us, saying dark things,” she remembered. From then on, they seemed to experience nothing but bad luck.

It wasn’t until they finally researched their plight on the Internet that they learned of the infamous Ouija demon. Was “Oz” actually the malevolent Zozo?

A Zozo Possession

Another Internet-goer, this one found while perusing the always-reliable Yahoo Answers, shared her own experience with the mischievous demon. She had been using a Ouija board with a friend one cold Saturday evening, under the glow of red candlelight, when the spirit they were talking to said it was called Zozo. At that exact moment, her friend began to complain of a terrible headache.

Things would only get worse from there.

“That night, she slept-walked…into my sister’s room,” she said. Her friend then “started talking some gibberish, screamed ‘RED!’ and…then left the room and could not be found in the house for a good half hour.” She had seemingly disappeared.

They searched and searched for her. Every room of the house. When the poster finally gave up and checked her own room one last time, mysteriously, her friend was there. Had Zozo been playing a terrible trick, or worse – had he possessed this person?

Losing Control

A tale at Your Ghost Stories, published in 2012, shares yet another haunting experience. The poster, named April, had read stories about Zozo, herself, but didn’t believe them.

This, as you’ll see, would change.

She’d recently moved in with her sister, and to celebrate they’d had a few friends over. After a while, they decided to have some fun with a Ouija board, to ask it some questions about the afterlife and perhaps learn about the future. Nothing had ever gone wrong before. It was just a game.

They placed the board on the table, and placed their hands on the planchette. “Is there anyone there?” April asked. The board replied Yes. When they asked it to reveal its name, the planchette glided over to the Z, then the O. Back and forth, Z O Z O Z O Z O. They asked the spirit what it wanted.

It replied, “Her.”

When they asked what it meant by that, it spelled out the name of one of her friends – “I was freaked,” recalled April – then returned to spelling its own name. Z O Z O. One of her other friends then became annoyed by the repetitive answers, and decided to provoke the spirit by cursing at it. “That’s when things got bad,” April said.

The planchette “began feeling hot” under their fingers. The spirit then began to spell out another word. M A M A. They felt a presence in the room. The air was heavy. Something was wrong. “I didn’t feel like myself,” April recalled, “I felt as if something was inside me.”

She felt nothing but hatred and anger, and began laughing and crying at the same time. It was at that moment they decided to end the Ouija session, though the strange feelings seemed to linger on.

Opening Doors

A man named Darren from Tulsa, Oklahoma shared his story on March 24, 2009 at the website True Ghost Tales. He’d long been fascinated with the occult, particularly Ouija boards, and had experienced many strange phenomena. He was also shocked, he said, “by how many times ZOZO showed up even in many different states and many different Ouija boards.”

Zozo, it would seem, can be found everywhere.

Darren recalled one particular encounter with Zozo as being “extremely evil.” He had entered his bathroom only to find his one-year-old daughter nearly drowned. She’d been left alone briefly in the tub by her mother, and “somehow the water got turned on and was overflowing.” No one had physically touched the faucet.

The following day, she was “hospitalized for some weird internal infection” and put into isolation. “We almost lost her,” recalled Darren, “And that was when I began to suspect a demonic attack.” Could Darren’s constant encounters with the demon Zozo have put his daughter’s life in danger? Or is using the Ouija board alone, a portal to doors that should remain unopened, enough to bring about such a terrible fate?

Zozo’s Deception

This final excerpt appears on the blog of paranormal researcher Darren Evans, who has spent several years researching the Zozo phenomenon. If you’d like to read more Zozo experiences, I’d recommend giving it a look.

“There was a spirit that claimed to be that of a little boy. We also talked to a few other spirits on the board until one time this spirit came across and said his name Oz. I figured initials because I don’t recall any spirits giving there names, just initials.

“Anyway, he was no fun and just plain mean. Everytime we would try to talk to one of the other friendly spirits, Oz always came back like he was much stronger than the others. When you would ask a question and he got angry, the eye would move frantically in a figure 8. He was just mean. Well, one night we got pretty trashed and asked some real mean things and acted mean back. It was funny at first, but it got serious in a hurry.

We started arguing with one another because some were getting spooked. We then came to our senses and said, “let’s get rid of this darn thing. We threw it away and nothing strange happened afterwards. Not sure I beleive in them or if they really even work. But it was a freaky experience. Although I talked a lot of smack that night, I was sort of fearful for a few days. I can’t remember to this day what Oz said, heck its been 20yrs ago. But, it wasn’t good at all!”

Demonic Trickery

Is Zozo a demon? Well, I suppose your first question would be, “Is Zozo even real?” But for now I’d rather concentrate on the stories as told and leave the skepticism to others.

At any rate, not everyone believes Zozo is a demon.

Instead, there is a theory that Zozo is in fact nothing more than an evil spirit pretending to be a demon. After all, there’s no reason to believe that ghosts and other strange entities must tell the truth. They don’t have to play by any rules.

And that is a curious thing — in most communications with Zozo, the planchette on the Ouija board makes a repetitive movement through the alphabet, from Z to O and back again, over and over, as shared in the experience quoted above. But this could be a problem for those using the Ouija board.

You see, it is said that you shouldn’t go backwards in the alphabet (or in the numbers) on a Ouija board. Why? Because doing so is a method that demons and evil spirits use to open portals into our world and break through from the other side. Could the name ‘Zozo’ actually be a trick?

Zozo in Popular Media

Taking inspiration from the strange stories of Zozo, a horror film titled I Am Zozo was released in 2012. The film was shot entirely on Super 8, but unfortunately its reception, according to Wikipedia, was “overwhelmingly negative.”

Movies aside, while reading about Zozo I couldn’t help but think of a final possibility: Could Zozo be a tulpa, a shared experience? Like the Philip Experiment on a much grander scale, or the countless stories (and real life delusions) shared about the Slender Man, Zozo could be our own creation.

But does that make it any less real?

So, I ask: Have you ever used a Ouija board? Ever encountered the entity known as Zozo? I’ve personally never used one; I have an old keychain Ouija board that I doubt would perform particularly well as a conduit for spirits, much less a demon.

I’m not sure I believe. Do you?


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  • Danny Darko

    I looked for the stories on the internet, so scary! I played with the ouija board once, fortunately I did not encounter with this “being”, but something strange did happened. The “spirit” or whatever we talked said its name while being human was Christian, I was working on a library at that time and a few weeks later a boy went to look for me, said was an old friend of mine and his name was Christian, I wasn’t there at the moment, so he just said he would come back later. Yeah I never met any person named Christian and less friend of mine; it was really, really weird. Thankfully that was it and I never played again.

    • Rob

      That would certainly creep me out! Thanks for sharing, Danny.

    • gianb92

      Did you meet him then ??

    • Danny Darko

      Fortunately no, I didn’t

  • JannieBaby

    Once about a million years ago I was using the Ouija board with two friends. We were in Deb’s bedroom, sitting on the floor around the board and the two candles we were using for light. As we were getting settled in to begin the session, we could see our shadows, looming large on the wall.

    When we were ready, my friend Kathy started with the usual, “Is anyone here?” Nothing happened for maybe a minute or two, and then the planchette began moving in small circles in the center of the board. And that was all; nothing else happened. Starting to get bored, I shifted a little and looked back over at the wall–at just the same moment when Deb, her voice shaking, said very softly, “You guys, look at the wall.”

    There were four shadows on the wall.

    We ended the session as fast as we could and then hauled ass. I’ve used a board a few times since then and though nothing spooky happened, I’ve never felt right about it. Guess I’ll be letting other people deal with Zozo.

  • Daisy

    I have been researching Zozo for a few years now and one of my more frustrating inquiries is information about the possession of 1816 in Picardy France that is always vaguely referenced in pages such as this. I need more information about what transpired but unfortunately I do not speak french so the Dictionnaire Infernal is useless to me and searching for a translation has been fruitless. If anyone out there has information about the possession please, I implore you to contact me at cpfisher1128@gmail.com. I understand that the girl is never mentioned by name and that she was possessed by multiple spirits such as Zozo, Zaza, and Mama but no other information seems to be available. Please, I desperately need more information so I can move forward with my project.

    • StuporMundi

      Oh! And I forgot: “zozo” is an old and familiar way to say “silly” in French.

  • Truth

    This is a true story. Many years ago my girlfriend and I were playing with a Ouija board. I remembered a story my sister had told years before about using a Ouija and asking the spirit about itself and how it told her and her friend that it was the spirit of a murder victim from the 1800’s, how he died, and stuff like that. So, I decided to ask this spirit for information about itself. I asked questions like “what is your name?”, “where did you live?”, “when did you live?”, “when did you die?”. Each time the planchette moved to “No”. So, I asked “were you a living person?”. Again, the answer was “No”.

    I started thinking that maybe it was a spirit that never had a corporal existence but was really getting frustrated with this thing not saying anything other than “no”. I decided to ask it a question that should result in an affirmative response. I asked “Did you come from God?”. Again, “No”. So I asked, “Who did you come from?”. Finally, it started spelling something out. The planchette moved to different letters but it was all jibberish, just a few different letters not spelling out any real words. I told it that I did not understand, to please tell me something that I could understand.

    That was when I almost shit myself. It went to the numbers. First “6”. Then around in a circle and back to “6”. Then in a circle and as it headed back to “6” again, I threw the board down to the floor. My girlfriend was like “What’s the matter? Why did you do that?”. I quickly put everything back in the box and stuck it back into the closet. I never played with it again.

    I told a coworker what had happened and he told me that Ouijas were bad news, that they opened doors to things that were no good. That evening I threw it out into the dumpster.

    Later, I realized that the jibberish that was being spelled was “DCLXVI”, Roman numerals for 666.

    • diquis

      has anything ever happened after that

    • Truth

      No, I don’t think so. That was so long ago but I think I would remember if anything more happened. At some point soon after that incident, we decided to throw the board into the dumpster. We later married, had kids, went to church, and lived normal lives.

    • Jeffrey

      This is Jeffrey have a question, did you had this skeptical that ouija is made of toy right, so the question is did you tried it first time & it has worked instantly or how long did you waited? I tried everything it wasnt working for me i think zozo or any spirits are afraid of me. What does it means when the planchette was not moving it and is it because im too powerful to face their fearful damn by my power of the one evil eye scared em away? There’s something mystery about me my spirit are inhuman far dangerously that make any of them not come step forwards.

  • Darren Evans

    My research continues. With the success of Hasbos Ouija film, google is reporting a huge increase in searches this holiday season. I predicted years ago that when this film was released a new spirit wave would send people in droves looking to have their own experience.

    As a self proclaimed Zozologist, these trends and a large influx of Zozo encounters, I have launched a new website at ZozoDemon.com. This new site will feature new startling information and research into what has become known worldwide as The Zozo Phenomena. I will also be speaking of the dangers of all places the OuijaCon event in Baltimore Maryland. Excellent article, thanks for sharing!

    • Rob

      Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your new website!

  • Clarissa

    I’ve only used a Oijia board once and it was home made during a sleep over when I was a teenager. We used it outside in the yard at my house. We talked a lot with it but ended our session very abruptly, as we were seemingly surrounded by what seriously sounded like a whole pack of invisible coyotes…in the middle of town. I’ve had a lot of experiences I can’t explain away easily and most of them took place in that same house. Most after that. I don’t know if we opened up something or what but I definately had something happen to me that I can’t just shrug off.

  • T shon

    Me and zozo are friends he likes me and I like him and we communicate nearly every time I use a ouija, while reading this and after watching one of the attached videos, he began moving my screen up and down zozo is real and should be respected he is real

    • Jennifer

      I reallyy hope you figure out quick that this is unhealthy behavior nd no one should support it. Get rid of Zozo. Im not trolling here ppl. I feel as though behavior like this nd thinking a possible demon is good isn’t stable. Thank you for sharing this nd i dont want to come off as belittling you or your story but this is dangerous nd upsetting to me.

    • wunderground4real

      maybe it will be good to have a ghost buddy for the afterlife 😉

    • Brittany Duenes

      Ive supposedly talk to zozo many time and ive never had a bad incounters with him. He seems to just be a neutral spirit. Ive researched a lot about him and ive never seen the “bad” side of him. If anything i think he likes pranking people. But that might just be me…. cool stories though

  • anonymous

    My friend and i were messing around one night with a home made ouijia, her and i shared the same name and that night we heard a males voice calling our name from outside. No one was there, later that night my friend told me she heard someone whispering baby over and over again. I left the house the next day only to get a call that night telling me she had been found hung, police thought murder but after months of investigations it was ruled a suicide. Since them ive experienced so many things from house to house. After reading into things a lil more i really believe we contacted something evil my children and i have both heard the names zozo abd mama. Currently still seeking answers to rid myself of this.

  • mike

    Lol I have burned ouija boards, urinated on them, burned the letters zozo into them, and done every other thing you can think of and nothing. I have debunked 3 of my friends who claimed ouija boards experiences using a simple method that works 100% of the time. Try this the next time anyone tries to tell a fake story like the ones above. Go over to witness their “event”. When they are about to start blind fold the people using the board and then without them knowing turn the board 180 degrees. Every time I’ve done this magically the “demons” don’t show up or forget how to spell.

  • Brooke R Wade

    I’ve encountered ZOZO many times…

  • ZoZo

    One time I was summoned by a Ouija board at this party. There were 4 kids sitting around the Ouija board. They asked me questions and I told them to funk off since I was tired and their party was lame. They were asking me who I was and to mess with them some more I told them I was their dead grandma. LOL it was hilarious to see the look on their faces. Then they got irritating and I moved the triangle to Z then O and repeated. Told them my name was ZOZO and blew their candle out and bounced. I love scaring people because they’re so stupid.

    • Kat Kitty Velazquez

      Are you zozo

    • tito

      Duh duh duh

  • Lorraine

    I watched Ghost Adventures last night and I sat straight up in bed when they talked about a demon named Zozo. It was about 30 years ago when this happened to me. A friend of mine and myself were using a Ouija board and we seemed to have picked up a child spirit. He said he was 8 years old and was from Boston. He had played with matches and started his family house on fire when he died. After we started talking for quite a while all of a sudden it started spelling out ouch. ahahah. ouch. help me. we asked if there was someone there with him and then spelled out zozozozozozo..we asked if it was demonic and it said yes. We were done right then and there and never touched it again. I was about 17 at the time and I am almost 50. I couldn’t believe it when that name came up on that tv show. We were so certain we had contacted something truly evil. We even went to the library to see if we could find anything with that name. All we came up with was Zoso an ancient sun god I believe it was. Anyhow Don’t mess with this!! I TRULY believe its evil at its core! I am so creeped out right now!

    • Rob

      Very strange story, Lorraine. Thank you for sharing.

    • Lilypad Doopa

      Wow! that is friggen creepy! I have only heard story’s and I am conviced it is real.

    • k

      Omg i love ghost adventures! where can i get a ouija board in canada!?!?!?
      email me, im kaylielc@live.com

    • Ronny

      Dont do it buddy, I may not know you, but I just warn you.
      Cant you see its dangerous. Pray to your God.
      God Bless you.

    • kellie

      Please don’t use the Ouija board. They are demons NOT people that had died. They are demons that come from hell and they hate humans. They want us to go to hell with them. They are not your friends or someone to talk to. On Ghost Adventures, in one of the places that they had went to, there was an apparition of what looked like a young girl that would frequently appear. One of the 3 main guys actually even said that when you see something that looks innocent like a young girl, it is often just a demon pretending to be a girl. You can’t trust them at all. They are of Satan. Lying is their native tongue. Using the board would result in nothing but bad for you. You could literally become possessed, end up having demon shadow people in your house knocking things over and even end up physically harmed like some people that have shared their stories here. Please STOP AND THINK — Why would you want to leave yourself open to the very real likely hood that you could have most of these things happen? Do you think that it is a coincidence that like 80% of the people that told their story here actually ended up throwing away the Ouija board away? Please don’t learn the hard way. This is NOT a game.

  • Marlene

    Ive been playing with the ouija board consistenty over the past 13 years now. Ive interacted with many ghosts and old relatives over the years with zero problems. In fact warnings and predictions have always came true.

    After reading this i just realized that months ago i was talking to the board a lot. It would always say zoo, that something would happen at the zoo or just zoo randomly – many times. Ive never even heard of zozo before now. So this is good insight to know about in the future.

  • juggalotus42000

    me my cousin my daughters mom and sister all have contacted zaza back in 1999 way before youtube and the stories started to spread across the internet the last couple of years. The first time it would also say ‘mama’ and I was shocked on a episode of coast to coast this guy was researching zaza/zozo and he said also will sometimes say its name is mama.stay away from Ouija boards esp if you get ahold of zaza, bad shit will start to happen no joke

  • Maddie T.

    I played with a Ouija board on Halloween last year, but for some reason every time me and my friends would contact a being through the board it would always tell us it was Zozo. One time the spirit claimed to be my friend’s dead aunt, and then it began to claim it was in hell with Zozo. After we played with it me and my friends all felt sick and uneasy for days, and one of my friends, (the one that was supposedly speaking to her aunt) had scratches all up her arms when she woke up the next day. Needless to say, I am never playing with a Ouija board again.

  • Madison

    My grandfather recently died. I have used a ouija board a total of 8 times now 4 of those times I’ve contacted a spirit. I used one the day he died, the day of his funeral and Saturday. I used it with my friend and we contacted my “grandfather”. I asked it a few questions and it answered correctly, until my friend eventually got frightened and felt as if she was in a trance which I did too so we said good bye and threw away the board. I woke up the next morning early and felt a horrible need to play again so I printed out another board and sat there staring at it until my friend woke up. I told my friend my urge and she refused to play she was too creeped out and said I could do it on my own and nothing happened. That night I did it again but this time it answered. Once again pretending to be my grandfather I asked it a few questions only my family would know about him and it answered correctly. The whole time I felt as if in a trance and I felt like I was doing it because everytime I thought something it would say it on the board. I was happy and confused I thought it was my grandfather. It gave me many messages to my dad, my little cousin (who it said talked to dead people) and my aunt. It told my dad sorry cause they apparently got in a argument before he died, it said to my little cousin “dobon” and to my aunt that her speech at his funeral was great. I told him to answer when we spoke again and that I would deliver the messages. Immediately that night I felt terrified, I didn’t feel protected by my grandfather I felt stalked. I felt this the whole week then on Wednesday I asked my dad about the argument and told him what happened. He denied it completely, and thought it was something bad that I talked to. After this conversation I knew I had to play it again to tell this thing to stop messing with me. Today I contacted it again as it pretended to be him again. I asked it to say something only me and him knew and it said his wife ran away from the nut house. I said no that never happened then said. It needed to stop messing with me, I only wish to talk to my grandfather, I’m stronger than it thinks and I won’t let anything happen to me or my family. I then asked if I made myself clear it said yes. I took a minute and said good and asked who it was again. This time it used my grandfathers full name. So I saw something orange and crumbly on my floor and asked what it was and it said “die”. Then I said who is this it said zozo. I was terrified I already knew of this spirit and it was exactly what I was afraid of. I asked it why it would say that and it said “I am angry”. I asked what it was angry about and it said my grandfathers first name. They then began switching back in forth between my grandfather and zozo. Eventually my grandfather won and told me “I’m sorry”, “I shouldn’t play anymore”, “run”, and that he’d protect me. I then pushed it to goodbye and threw the board away. I’m scared, terrified, but I won’t go down without a fight.

  • Madison

    My grandfather recently died. I have used a ouija board a total of 8 times now 4 of those times I’ve contacted a spirit. I used one the day he died, the day of his funeral and Saturday. I used it with my friend and we contacted my “grandfather”. I asked it a few questions and it answered correctly, until my friend eventually got frightened and felt as if she was in a trance which I did too so we said good bye and threw away the board. I woke up the next morning early and felt a horrible need to play again so I printed out another board and sat there staring at it until my friend woke up. I told my friend my urge and she refused to play she was too creeped out and said I could do it on my own and nothing happened. That night I did it again but this time it answered. Once again pretending to be my grandfather I asked it a few questions only my family would know about him and it answered correctly. The whole time I felt as if in a trance and I felt like I was doing it because everytime I thought something it would say it on the board. I was happy and confused I thought it was my grandfather. It gave me many messages to my dad, my little cousin (who it said talked to dead people) and my aunt. It told my dad sorry cause they apparently got in a argument before he died, it said to my little cousin “dobon” and to my aunt that her speech at his funeral was great. I told him to answer when we spoke again and that I would deliver the messages. Immediately that night I felt terrified, I didn’t feel protected by my grandfather I felt stalked. I felt this the whole week then on Wednesday I asked my dad about the argument and told him what happened. He denied it completely, and thought it was something bad that I talked to. After this conversation I knew I had to play it again to tell this thing to stop messing with me. Today I contacted it again as it pretended to be him again. I asked it to say something only me and him knew and it said his wife ran away from the nut house. I said no that never happened then said. It needed to stop messing with me, I only wish to talk to my grandfather, I’m stronger than it thinks and I won’t let anything happen to me or my family. I then asked if I made myself clear it said yes. I took a minute and said good and asked who it was again. This time it used my grandfathers full name. So I saw something orange and crumbly on my floor and asked what it was and it said “die”. Then I said who is this it said zozo. I was terrified I already knew of this spirit and it was exactly what I was afraid of. I asked it why it would say that and it said “I am angry”. I asked what it was angry about and it said my grandfathers first name. They then began switching back in forth between my grandfather and zozo. Eventually my grandfather won and told me “I’m sorry”, “I shouldn’t play anymore”, “run”, and that he’d protect me. I then pushed it to goodbye and threw the board away. I’m scared, terrified, but I won’t go down without a fight.

  • Elleblue Jones

    A couple of friends and I played with a Ouija board when we were in high school. It moved all over the place and scared all of us. None of us ever touched one again.

  • becca

    If you encounter ZOZO ignore him don’t let him have power at all. if you have any questions please comment below

    • Squishy jelly lol

      What if he posseses you and then he has all power and control over you?

  • Raven Blancq

    I have met up with this demon/spirit. Yesterday he contacted me on a paper made Ouija…it was terrifying. He evn knew my favorite color, and my friend’s last name.


    I am a ouija board player and i have been talking to zozo and he hastold me to buy an evp from the brand zlx . he sayed he would kill one of my 2 friend or me tommorow so we promised him we would earn the money to buy an evp if he dosnt kill us
    he said he would kill 1 of us on the 3 of march 2015 if we dont get the evp. we sayed we would earn money but i amscared he might still kill ustommorow . guys plz help me . i need to get rid of theoija board.
    he might kill us . he comes in different names sometimes .intrubts conversations. WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOO ?????????????? HELP PLZZZZZZZ

    • Guest

      Zozo isn’t real. He is a thought form that has been given too much power. Zozo is nothing.

    • goldengrain

      I tend to agree with you. I have only experienced zozo as disjointed static on the board.

  • Savannah

    I played Ouija last night at a basketball tournament. We made our own board but had the orignal piece that you put your hands on. We hoped to talk to one of my friends friend (jake) who recently passed away that week in a car accident. I didn’t want to join in on the actual game so I sat in our tent and watched. They started the game and asked if anyone was there, at first we got no answer, we asked a second time, still no answer, and then the third time, the piece moved towards yes. I instantly got freaked out but was highly interested at that point. My friends asked who was there. And it spelt out Jake. We asked to see how he passed away to make sure it was him. The board spelt out “car” quickly things got weird and started spelling out random letters that didn’t form any words. Again, we asked if it was jake but the board piece moved to no. We asked if it was jake the whole time, and it went back to no. So finally we asked who it really was. Slowly the board piece moved to Z slowly, and then O, back and forth but each time going faster. I told my friends to look away from the board to see if it was them but sure enough it kept going back and forth. We quickly said goodbye and the piece slid towards goodbye. Completely freaked out I got out of that tent, the whole thing just felt dark. My friends about a half an hour later decided to try again, but each time getting Zozo. When my friend Maci decided not to join in the game my other two friends successfully talked to jake. The board piece didn’t move fast and was very weak and moved the piece itself to goodbye after we asked a few questions. My two friends communicated with Macis Aunt and asked if it was okay for Maci to join in. The piece moved to yes. Each time she would join in Zozo would take over the game . We asked if it was drawn to Maci and the piece moved to yes. We asked why and it spelt out kill. We tried many times but each time Maci would join in zozo would come back again. We have no clue why it was only Maci . We ripped up the board after we were done playing and threw it away. I have no clue why it was only Maci. But it was definitely some creepy stuff.

  • Shaylei Burr

    My brother and I tried it and met a 2 year old girl she was fun. She said she lived in my closet and I didn’t care. We asked her what her fav color was she said brown, because she had a friend with a cat that was brown. I told her i could put one of my brown stuffed dogs in my closet for her she said yeah. I told her we would leave and be back. we said good bye and got stuffed animal and put it in closet. At one time she asked us how life was REAL life. I felt bad for her, knowing she is dead. I asked her if she wanted to tell us anything. She said ZoZo was coming, I knew who ZoZo is and got a little freaked. I asked if she was messing/teasing she said no, I asked her is she was serious she said yes I asked her if we should say good bye Now! She said yes very quickly so i did. I hope i wasnt talking to ZoZo the whole time!

    • Kris

      I don’t think you were talking to ZoZo, because from what I’ve read and watched ZoZo dosen’t like when people leave.

  • Lauren Snell

    I had a frightening experience playing with an Ouija board as a child. I was about 9 years old when this experience occurred. Me and some neighborhood friends were having a nice time playing with the Ouija on the front lawn. We were all asking silly questions about neighborhood boys and crushes and clearly pushing the planchette ourselves. Everything was very light-hearted and fun at this point. Then, I decided to ask the Ouija a question I knew none of my friends knew the answer to. I asked ” what is my grandpa’s name?” The planchette spelled out S-A-L. To my horror, the board was correct , my grandpa’s name is Sal. I was clearly alarmed and interrogated my friends. Everyone swore up and down that they weren’t pushing the planchette. I then told my playmates that the answer was correct and that my grandpa had died two years earlier. We all started crying and ran home to our mothers. The Ouija was thrown out after that. It isn’t a toy at all. I don’t know why it is marketed as such.

  • Weston

    One night several years ago my brother, me, and one or to other members of our family used a ouija board, and me and my brother asked for our mother. Something came through,claiming to be her, and accurately answering several questions. Then I got an intense feeling in the back of my head, and the planchette moved, spelling out “he’s coming, behind the field” and then it’s spelled out zoo. We immedietly burned the plastic cover on the planchette, and later we went to bed. That night I woke up late, and I heard my brother say in his sleep : “help me” and “death”. I heard a thump outside the door, I stayed awake until I passed out. In the present, I have recently been asked about small scratches on my back, seem to just be scanning up. I am never able to explain them, and never have done anything recently to acquire them. I have also seen things In the night, I moved into the house, and room we played the ouija board in, and I heard the thump 2 nights ago

    • Weston

      Spelled out zozo

  • angel

    so today was my first time using the board and i sat in my room and prepared myself for it, i was surprised to get a quick response. the pointer was moving really fast and when i asked who i was speaking to it started to spell out zoo but fortunately i stopped it half way through because ive heard that when a spirit moves the pointer back and farth across the board its opening up a gateway, anyways, i was asking the usual, how old are you etc.. then i asked zoo why he chose to come to me and he replied that he liked my soul and that i am very pretty. as soon as the pointer had started moving i felt this aching pain in all my joints and so i asked zoo where he was, his was reply was interesting yet confusing, his reply was yes..?
    i wondered what this meant but didnt go into it much, i then asked what my siblings were doing in the next room and got the response “loom” so i raced into the lounge to find my sisters sitting on the couch with loom bands… ive attemped the board a second time and strangely got a reply from zoo again.. to be honest i have no idea what to think..

    • kellie

      Hi Angel, please don’t continue to use the Ouija board to talk to “him”. You are talking to a demon that comes from hell. Demons HATE humans. He is not your friend or someone that you should talk to. Please stop before its too late. I have heard from someone that had quite a bit of experience with Ouija boards, that you can literally become possessed, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU USE IT YOURSELF, because a demon can come into your body. (THAT DEMON MAY HAVE ALREADY HAVE COME INTO YOUR BODY, AS THAT MIGHT BE WHY YOU FELT ALL YOUR JOINT ACHE WHEN YOU WERE USING IT!!!) If you read some of the stories on here, you will see that some people actuality did become possessed. This very serious!! Im not sure if you have read any of the other stories that people submitted here, but at least 3 of them, maybe more, right after using the Ouija board, had a demon in their house doing really scary things, knocking things over, turning lights on and off, even severely scratching their arm. They said that things kept happening even after not using the board. When you use this, you are opening up portals which allows these demons to come into you home. Please don’t use this anymore, if for no other reason than you care about your siblings and don’t want demons to be around to torment them and/or to possess them and you. Im not sure if you are aware how those demons became demons, but let me fill you in. A long long time Satan, who was called Lucifer at the time, was a really beautiful angel that was like no other in heaven. He was in charge of all the music in heaven, which was made to glofify God. Lucifer was so beautiful and talented that he thought that he should be the one that was worshipped in heaven and one third of the angels in heaven agreed. So Lucifer and one third of the angels were kicked out of heaven. Thats when Lucifer became known as Satan or the devil and the angels became known as fallen angels or demons. Demons are not good. They are the opposite of the loving God and Jesus. Just like Satan, they are liars and the biggest lie that they tell people is that they are their dead relative or other dead person. Don’t believe anything that they say. I know that it is tempting to experience the unknown and see how the Ouija board works, but it is way beyond not being a good idea. These are demons from hell. In the Bible God says that it is an abomination to communicate with “spirits”. God created us and knows whats best for us. He wants to protect us from things that will cause us pain and cause us harm. If you still have the board, PLEASE throw it out like many other people sharing these stories have been smart enough to do. The devil and his demons want to kill you, steal from you and destroy you. Turn to God who loves you soo much and wants to talk to you and hear all of your concerns. Ask Him for help to not be tempted to use the Ouija board. Ask God for forgiveness for all your sins, including using the Ouija board. Jesus took upon himself all of the world’s sins and died on a cross many years ago so that you and i can pray directly to God and have a personal relationship with Him. You just have to ask Jesus to come into your heart and then he will make you a new person. Once you do this you will never look back. God Bless you

    • Mystic

      But biblical god doesn’t really exist and bible is not true, it was written by men who wanted to control the masses. From my experience, ouija board is nothing serious, me and 3 more friends were constantly using it for months and nothing happened. Remember if you summoned anything evil it can feed only from your fear. The more fear you show it the stronger it becomes. It can’t really feed on your soul, that’s wives tale, just forget about it.

    • HarryPotterLoverZoZo

      welp….god bless you my friend

    • goldengrain

      Some religions feed off of our fear, as well. They will hold up a standard for humans that is impossible to live up to. That keeps us feeling guilty and afraid, so we keep coming back to the church for forgiveness.

    • HarryPotterLoverZoZo

      well at least he said that you were pretty

  • Turner

    I played the Quija board before and it was so freaky. The first time I played it with my brother and my cousins. One of my cousins didn’t placed her hands on it, but just watched. As usual, we asked if someone was there and it went to yes. Then we asked what its names was and it said random letters. We then asked how old she was and when she was born and she said that she was 6 years old and was born in 600 B.C. Then we asked how she died and she said Reinz. We didn’t understand what she meant. So we asked if she died by horse reins and she said yes. Then all of the sudden the “eye” started to go to zozozozo over and over. We then asked if her name was Zozo and she said yes. We asked her another question and then she just start to count. The “eye” went to 1, then to zozo, and then around the board. It then went to 2 and repeated it. Once it got to 5 we asked why she was counting up. She said U R DEAD. I then quickly said good bye and left the Quija board along for awhile after that.
    We again started playing the Quija board and a week, but I was just with my 2 cousins this time. My cousin didn’t place her hands on it this time either. As usual we asked if anyone was there and it said yes. Then we asked its name and it spelled out my cousin’s name who was playing it. Then we asked it’s middle and last name and it said my cousin’s. We then asked it where it lived and it said where my cousin lived. We were all very freaked out and my cousin who wasn’t playing wanted my other cousin to leave and when she asked my cousin to leave it went to NO. I asked it some questions but it would just quickly say FU to me and my cousin who wasn’t playing over and over. We then said quickly goodbye.
    After another week we again played it but this time I was just with my cousin who played before. We again encountered the spirit that was acting as if it was him. And we would ask it a few questions and again it would say FU to me, but not my cousin. After awhile, we said goodbye, but it wouldn’t go over it. Instead it went to NO over and over and tried to make the “eye” to go off the board but I didn’t let it. It then went to goodbye and I didn’t play it for another week.
    I brought some friends over to play it with me and when we asked if anyone was there no one would answer. But when my brother played, it would move. We asked what it’s name was and it went to Zozo! We asked if it would only move when my brother was playing and it said YES. My brother then freaked out and we said goodbye and we haven’t played it since.
    I know my brother wasn’t moving it because he wasn’t looking half the time.

  • Robyn

    Zozo is REAL. The Ouija board used to be fun when it didn’t really work. But recently I had a very spiritual coworker and we decided to do the Ouija board just so I could finally see that it worked. Well every time we would do it, we would talk to Zozo. He wasn’t really violent at all with us, kind of like he was just as intrigued as we were with him. He would always pretend that he was another spirit though. He could read our thoughts, and lie about the future. A good way to KNOW that you’re talking to the spirit that it claims to be, is ask it a question that you don’t know, but you could find out later. I did that constantly, and then he would say that it was him because he did not know the answer. My house was EXTREMELY unsettling afterwards, things would move, lights would constantly blow afterwards, and I would wake up at 3am every night. I don’t think that he is a demon, I believe he’s a lost spirit and enjoys messing with human beings. If you ever get in contact with him, DO NOT TALK TO HIM. He WILL become attached to you and scare the crap out of you just for giggles.

    • Kimberly Tonner

      are you still waking up at 3 am? bcause you know they say that its the demonic witching hour because its the inversion of the time Christ died

  • Rosie

    last night i did some reserch about Zozo and when i said her name my iphone Siri went on the i started to freak out this morning i had my glow lamp in a good steady spot and it fell
    this week on Friday i did the ouija board with my nana and i asked “are you an Angel ,Sun or a Demon moon. it went to moon i started to freak so my nana asked is the Demons a sir. it went to no. so i asked what was her name it first went to z i knew that it was Zozo so then it went to Zozo i freaked then i asked if she hated anyone it went to yes i asked who do you hate it went to U so i said goodbye? and whats odd id it only went to bye

  • Andrea Christina Martinez

    i am very surprised to see this, 27 yrs ago i too had an experience with OZ. never knowing that it was a world wide ancient phenomenon. this has confirmed an a real life encounter that i have had with this entity but only leaves me wondering more about this entity that has never left my life as well as a close family member.

  • Jess

    tonight a friend and i were playing with a home made ouija board and contacted zozo i heavaly believe in this stuff but she doesn’t it said zozo was male though not female and it also said my friend was going to die a day after her birthday due to paracetamol and sleeping tablet overdose it talked about both of her children then all of a sudden changed to someone else named F E or FE im so confused am an not sure if zozo is still with us or that was her?his way of saying goodbye either way soon we said goodbye to FE and went my friend went for a smoke and as soon as she left the room i had to go with her because i felt that there was something else with me what do i do

    • Crazy Cat Lady

      Jess –

      Pray to God and ask Him to protect you in the name of Jesus Christ, and ask Him to save you.

      I’m serious; this is not a game. Satan wants nothing but to kill, steal, and destroy. The only safety we have is in Jesus Christ.

      I am praying for you, Jess.

      Never touch a Ouija board again, and avoid demonic and occult things as if your life depended on it. It does.

      May the Lord bless you and keep you safe in JESUS’ name.


    • Steve Widdicombe

      After years of not being sure but seeing quite a few miraculous events, and even though I do not go to any Church, and no matter how many cynics think we are crazy, I’m inclined to think you are right.

    • Kimberly Tonner

      i now you are serious but the way you worded this made me laugh lol

    • Adam Fournace

      Careful, that demon loves to infect people with mersa. FE for Iron Tongue.

  • Bailey

    My friend played on the ouija board two days ago and zozo was the same of who they encountered

    • Kimberly Tonner

      what happened

  • Mark Laechel

    It doesn’t matter what you use. You can make an Ouija board with a piece of construction paper and a shotglass, it has nothing to do with Parker Bros. Its not the particular board, its intention. You can get a bunch of people around a table and try to contact something or do a table tipping or bumping. If you call on an entity or focus on the paranormal, you are opening a gateway and this is dangerous. A board, or any board, Parker Bros or whatever, is just a tool. Its not the manufacturer. Im not overly book organized religion religious, but I am very spiritual with God. There is a section in the Bible where its written that God forbids and divination or contacting of spirits. The reason he forbids this is because we are here for our own personal development and growth and not to be interfered with by negative entities, which is the majority of what these boards, seances, etc actually connect with.
    Its like this: Don’t summon or play anything that involves invoking, scary sleepovers, etc. Dont play bloody mary in the bathroom mirror. Dont play with Ouija boards or Spirit Boxes.
    Instead: Pray for peace in your house. Pray every night that guardian angels bless and protect your house and ask God to send down guardian angels to watch over each member of your family. I have been doing this for over a year asking God to send down guardian angels to protect our house and family and things have been happening. Suddenly without reason, there are guardian angels statutes appearing all over our house. People are sending them to us in the mail without us asking for it. My sister has been sick and I asked for extra protection via two guardian angels. One night she looked up and there was a huge 7 foot tall extremely good looking man with fierce eyes holding a sword with white wings standing in her room by the stairs looking at her. She felt at peace, and he disappeared.
    Very powerful stuff. Choose to turn your attention toward God and the light and stop giving attention to dark things. Even if you dont go to church or Synagogue or Mosque, pray to God and have a personal relationship with him. Ask for peace and protection. And ask for protection via guardian angels, this is VERY POWERFUL. Remember, God is the most powerful being. All negative entities and daemons are forced to their knees in front of him. However, there is free will here on earth. You have the decision of which path you want to walk.
    No kidding or b.s. all true. I have had a few freaked out experiences with Ouija boards when I was younger. I won’t go into them, lets just say dont play with this stuff. Its like poking a sleeping bear. Would you do that because you were bored at a party? No. Pray every night before you sleep. Pray to connect to God, not just to ask him things. Your life will Vastly improve.

  • Roberto

    Look for all you scared people, the spirit board does not work, science proves so. The reason manifestation is made and demonic possession occurs because the one who commits the spirit board act, has the intent to communicate with spirits and as a result … Demons have the ability to come through. A human physical being should not try to communicate with the other world, it is very dangerous. Read articeles on the Catholic Churches view on demonic possessions, they believe it, but preform the excorists quietly. If one does not provoke the spirits , the spirits shan’t manipulate you. Abi in Malam rem, ambulat ad mortu

  • Darren Evans

    I will be releasing a book called The Zozo Phenomenon in June that will include the latest research on this mystery. Dozens of cases and true encounters sent to me the last decade will also be featured. Book will be available at ZozoPhenomenonBook.com

  • Jeff

    Do you want demons
    ’cause that’s how you get demons.

  • Eric B.

    What people don’t seem to understand or want to believe is that every thing that you encounter on a Ouija Board or via other occult devices are all demons. These things lie and will PRETEND to be dead people or aliens or even angels. It is not just Zozo, it is all of them that are dark. You cannot encounter “good” spirits. They will all have a negative effect on your life in some way, even if you think otherwise. There is no way to protect yourself before using a Ouija board. Prayers won’t help, because what you are about to do is forbidden in the Old Testament. Having a positive attitude doesn’t help either. Demons, are liars. They will trick you. They may tell you what you want to hear. They may tell jokes, give what seems like good advice, be friendly and funny, etc. They may even write poetry, BUT, they are demons and they ultimately want to destroy you. They want your soul. Never partake of the occult in any way, not even by reading your, “Daily Horoscope.” It’s all a lie and will ultimately effect your life negatively whether you even realize it or not.

  • Kimberly Tonner

    do you mind me asking what happened. just curious

  • Sams_Nana

    I know there are many people out there who do not believe that ouija boards “work”, or are truly capable of contacting entities not of this realm, and I’m certainly not trying to convince anyone that my experiences really occurred. In fact, I rarely speak about it. My sole reason for posting this is to hopefully give anyone who is considering experimenting with a ouija board a reason to reconsider. My first time using one was when I was 14, just hanging out with friends. I think all of us kinda suspected that someone was secretly pushing the planchette. (I know I did at first). The entity we contacted claimed to be a teenage boy, and seemed to know the answers to things it shouldn’t have any way of knowing. We noticed that a mobile that was hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom began to move in a constant circle during the session, and the entity claimed to be moving it. When the exchange began to turn increasingly negative, we decided we’d had enough, ending the experience. What didn’t end, however, was the movement of the mobile in my bedroom. It continued to move in a constant circle, despite the windows being closed and there being no detectable breeze of any kind. That movement continued for over 2 weeks! It literally did not quit moving for that entire time, and I finally ended up taking it down because it bothered me so much. That was enough to keep me from using a ouija board again for many years. But when I was older, (college age), and married, during a party with friends I was enticed into trying it once again. As the questions/answers got more and more unreal in terms of what the entity seemed to know, one of my friends began to challenge whether or not it was real, and asked it to prove it. It was during this exchange that the entity gave it’s name, OZOZOZOZ. Anyway, it claimed it would write things with paper and pen “through” the friend that had challenged its existence. And it seemed to do just that, as my friend began to do what I now know as “automatic writing’, and Bible verses began to be written word for word. I wasn’t sure that my friend wasn’t just pulling a hoax on all of us, and taking advantage of the ongoing ouija session to do it. Knowing that I didn’t know many Bible verses by heart, I volunteered to try it myself. To my astonishment, I began to write down Bible verses, word for word, with my eyes closed! When the same friend that had challenged the entity previously began to make even more jeering comments, the writings I was doing suddenly changed, and appeared to be jibberish. But after studying the paper, someone suggested we try looking at the writing in a mirror. To my shock and horror, the writings were still Bible verses, but now they were written backwards! The very last one was not only written backwards, but was also upside down! When people use the saying, “My blood ran cold”, I know exactly what they mean, because that’s exactly what I felt at that moment! I have never, ever, felt such fright in my life! I have never touched a ouija board again, and caution those in my life against it with my story-which is the only time I mention it. I know I am fortunate that nothing worse happened to me as a result of that ouija board encounter, and that any number of disastrous things could have occured. So please, I beg you, if you are considering experimenting with one, DON’T DO IT! They are no joke, and you are opening yourself up to things over which you have no control.

  • Yandere_Otaku

    NEVER END THE SESSION WITHOUT ASKING THE SPIRIT FIRST. Last night, four of my friends and I were using one of their Ouija board. The first time we got Zozo, and when he said he was evil we started screaming but kept playing. He started saying things like death and kill, and also sygak1 if anyone knows what that means. We repeatedly asked him if he was ready to say goodbye and he said no every time. Finally, my friends parents started telling us to stop and we begged him to finish and he said yes so we said goodbye. A few hours later we used it again and we got mama this time. People think that mama is evil, but it is usually probably Zozo pretending to be her. Mama is gentle and friendly and actually tries to protect people from Zozo, but she is not as strong. We really liked mama and when asked, she said she likes us as well. After a while, she started going still for a few minutes and then waking up, and so we asked her if she was ready to end and we did. Nothing bad really happened, but when one of my friends started to laugh at Zozo he wanted her to die. I was apologizing to both the spirits a lot, and I think that is why my friends still alive…

  • Jack

    Very creepy. But why the hell would your family let a random possessed stranger walk through their house??

  • Claudia Ruff

    Yeah, it happened to me and my boyfriend and friends. We were contacted by this entity and it moved the planchet in figure 8s. It kept coming back when we tried it again hours later. We got rid of the board. Im still pretty creeped out years later.

  • Jasmine

    zozo said he likes my cat. I mean, anyone who compliments the pets has to b a class act indeed.

    • Matt

      Cats provide a way for demons to see into (but not enter) our dimension.

  • Levi Scotten

    I was 15 or 16 and I found an old ouiji board at goodwill and decided to buy it. The moment I got home I took it out and asked if anyone was there, it spelled out Lily and we talked for a while. Lily was a 10 year old girl who had died of hypothermia in the 1940’s and then she all of a sudden said no over and over again before going silent for a while. The planchete, after taking my hands off of it, started moving to the z and o over and over again. I asked what it’s name was after it stopped and put my hands back on the planchete, again it spelled zozozozozozo so I ended up calling it zo, for short of the zozozozozozo… it hated me. It wanted me dead. I asked it how I would die and it said “me”. I said goodbye and quickly put away the board, I was scared then (and it still freaks me out even today) and I just put the board in my closet and didn’t touch it for weeks… next time I did the only thing it said was “leave” then went to goodbye. I did some research on zo and found a bunch of pages like this one, all saying that zozo was some type of harmful spirit or demon and freaked out, called a priest, and burned the board in the next bonfire I had. A day or 2 after burning the board I got into a car crash after looking in my rear-view mirror and seeing someone in my back seat and looking back for a split second. I hit a telephone pole and broke one of my legs and had to keep the cast for a month…
    After that I never touched a ouiji board again until 2 years later and one of my old friends had invited us all over for a party. After we were all good and partied-out, he opened the closet and a ouiji board fell out. I screamed and ran over to grab it… he kicked it out of my way and picked it up, asking why I was so freaked out… I guess I must have never told him what happened the first time I used one because 10 minutes later we were all in the kitchen, asking if anyone was there. zozozozozo. I got curious and one of my friends asked how they were going to die. Heart attack. Another one asked. Drowning. Then I asked. Me. all my friends thought it meant I would commit suicide and looked at me for a second, giving me surprised looks. I then just walked away, remembering the shadow in the back of my car. I haven’t played with one since then and never plan to.

  • Brandon

    Me and my fiancé just recently used the Ouija board and communicated with zozo. It said that he wanted her… We’re going to a priest soon and are properly disposing of the board, but we’ve noticed alto of strange things happening in the house. I woke up to her mumbling gibberish this morning. My number is 3044949982 any help sent through text would be greatly appreciated, before it is too late.

  • Brian Salinas

    No Zozo he dosnt posses u be plays with u i know this because i have encounterd with it it is worse than a demon all those results of him so called possessing people is just him messing with them i know that because i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Brownie Rush

    Coming here from a YouTube video (faze Rug’s). He posted another Ouija board video except this time his conversation was interrupted by an entity who kept alternating between a and s when asked any question and tried to get out multiple times. Also it was able to control the planchet for a very brief period of time with only one participant involved. The comment section was haywire with idiots spewing all sorts of BS. I’m a big fan of this guy and would like to know if there is any way of helping him as he complained of waking up at 3 am and hearing knocking sounds.

    • HarryPotterLoverZoZo

      ooo, I love Faze too, anyway we know he really cant sleep at night..right?
      he wakes up at 3 am…the ‘witching hour’ he hears noises sometimes, and I remember one video he put a camera in his room and he saw that something kept pushing is arm. so, he has a spirit in his house, he can only really call a priest to bless his house or he can try to do it himself which is a bad idea, because if he does it wrong the spirit will get worst

  • Dragon

    A lot of my friends did ouija quite often. It became a daily thing. At first there were 5 spirits. Then there was Zozo. (We didn’t know what he was until after). We found he was evil since another good spirit had tried to scare us by pretending to be Zozo. The same spirit had also said it was a common name evil spirits used to sound friendly. After a few weeks we knew hundreds of spirits.
    One time me a friend and her sister were on the board. No matter who we switched to the spirit seemed angry at the sister and wanted her to say goodbye. All the while there were good spirits SHOUTING in the sister’s head, saying it wasn’t true. It turned out Zozo was pretending to be all those spirits and we gave him energy when we played. He wanted to kill the sister because she had rejec5ed him in a past life.

  • Vassago Gamori

    …there is no more human;
    all are Zozo now…

  • HarryPotterLoverZoZo

    spirits cant hurt you, demons can though..and poltergeists cant either, I’m pretty sure they can only move objects.
    anyway maybe oujia is ZoZo, ZoZo has lots of names.. like MaMa, ZaZa, Oz, and of course ZoZo. Oujia could just be another name for ZoZo

  • HarryPotterLoverZoZo

    your not supposed to play it alone..

  • Fifi

    My friend wrote in my notebook she borrowed, and that she said Zozo 5 times and been’s hearing noices around her house ever since- particularly bells and banging on her back door. She said that she would hear 3 bell rings and then 3 bangs on her back door. Every single time. I was so idiotic to do this and now I hear noices too. I said zozo 5 times in my dining room then went to the bathroom to wash my hands since I was helping my father cook and as i was closing the door, I heard a bang on the wall.
    I thought someone was outside, so I looked out the bathroom window- but noone was there. After I was finished cooking, I went to lay down. I then heard another bang on my wall and it sounded like someone was scribbling on paper!
    Now i’m laying in my bed writing this and just a few minutes ago, it sounded like someone was hitting my kitchen table with a wooden stick! I couldn’t even count how many times it happened, but it was a lot. i suggest you guys DO NOT say zozo 5 times, unless you want to get haunted.. anyway bye.
    And if you do decide to do this, I only want to say this- Good luck.