10 Signs Your House Is Haunted

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Image: Barbara via CC by 2.0
Image: Barbara via CC by 2.0

Strange noises in the middle of the night. Cold chills in heavy air. That feeling of someone watching you in an otherwise empty room. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the haunted house is a staple of horror, folklore, and maybe even reality. Here are just ten signs that your house may be haunted, in no particular order.

10. Electronic Disturbances


A light switches on. Or off. Maybe your television changes channels by itself, or a strange interference occurs on your radio or telephone. It’s hard to say whether or not such things might be caused by unintended house guests, but if you ever find a toaster dancing on your counter top, you know who to call.

9. Disappearing Objects

Ever lose something — car keys, the remote, your cell phone — only for it turn up again in the strangest of places? Or worse, right back where you know you left it? This may be the result of something called Disappearing Object Phenomenon. Where do the objects go? I don’t know. A parallel universe, a slip through time. It could just be a case of you missing it the first time you looked…or it could be a mischievous spirit playing tricks.

8. Strange Noises

Hauntings can manifest as faint whispers or grumblings, or a mysterious rapping on the wall. The sound of footsteps in a hallway. There have even been reports of guttural, animalistic sounds, in the case of demons and possessions. If you ever hear something like that, or what sounds like a little doll running around upstairs, maybe think about getting a new place.

7. Rogue Shadows

Rogue Shadows In Haunted Houses

Shadow people come in many shapes and sizes, or so I’ve heard. Dark spectres, outlines, black masses, menacing silhouettes in the shapes of humans. Some are clearer, perhaps, like the Hat Man. Whether they’re demons or simple ghosts or, well, eye floaters, lurking shadows in the corner of your eye may be a sign that your house is haunted.

6. Abnormal Animal Behavior

They say animals, and even small children, are particularly sensitive to the goings-on in the paranormal world.

I even saw a show once where rabbits  — yes, rabbits — were experiencing a Paranormal Activity scenario (which, I admit, I thought was a little weird). But it’s true: dogs and cats react to things we can’t see, even if it’s just infrasound from rattling pipes. If your pets are acting strangely — like a dog barking around certain areas of the house, or a cat following an invisible force with its eyes — you may have something going on.

5. Strange Dreams and Nightly Terrors

Sleep paralysis, or hypnagogia, can explain away a lot of various and terrifying sensations — awakening to a feeling of terror or a presence in your room, hearing footsteps, and even feeling the weight of a wicked witch pressing down upon your chest. But strange dreams involving people you don’t know and recurring night terrors are said to be a sign that something else may be afoot. Are spirits trying to contact you from the other side?

4. Unexplainable Feelings

Dreams are one thing, but have you ever felt like you’re being watched? That there’s someone in the room with you even though you know you’re alone? You may also feel chills in the air or, even more unsettling, the feeling of being touched by an invisible hand. If these sensations occur regularly in specific areas of your home, you may be living in a haunted house.

3. A History of Darkness

Every house has a story, some darker than others. If your house is an older one, it may worth learning its history, if for no other reason than to satiate your curiosity. But you may find that your home played a role in a darker past — murder, suicide, strong emotional turmoil. All of these are said to increase the chances that your house may be haunted, or that residual spiritual energy may remain. Having a house built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground is particularly bad news.

2. Psychokinetic Activity

Psychokinetic activity is a fancy word for things moving around without any visible reason. Cupboards flying open, doors swinging wide, or glasses flying off tables might be a sign that a ghost or poltergeist is making its presence known. And if your entire kitchen erupts in a flurry of open cupboards and silverware a la Paranormal Activity 2…I don’t know. You’re on your own on that one.

1. Ghostly Apparitions

And last but not least, there’s always one sure-fire way to know your house is haunted. Well, usually. They may be rare, but full-body apparitions and ghostly wisps of light are definite signs that something extraordinary is happening. Take a picture, if you get the chance.

Well, these are the things I’ve heard, anyway. I’ve never been haunted, myself, or experienced too much in the way of paranormal activity. Maybe I’m lucky. Or unlucky. At any rate, do you know any other characteristics of a haunted house? Ever lived in one? Leave your comments below…

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Rob Schwarz is a writer, blogger, and part-time peddler of mysterious tales. He manages Stranger Dimensions in between changing aquarium filters and reading bad novels about mermaids.

  • Caleb Monk

    Looks like my old house was haunted (To bad we had to move out, I love investigating the paranormal, and it was right on my doorstep). Lucky out new house has what (according to this) looks like a haunted forest. YAY!!!

  • Diegotorres1233

    I have experienced many things, the things that i have experienced are:
    Psychokinetic Activity
    unexplainable Feelings
    Strange Dreams and Nightly Terrors
    Rogue Shadows
    Strange Noises
    Disappearing Objects
    When i have seen them or heard them first i was scared but then it was normal (for me) those paranormal activities If i get the change to caught a ghost i will do it.

  • Laura

    Everyone may think that I fell off my rocker. It is very true when someone passes on especially trajically like my husband did. I have seen my husband’s spirit or his image in many places since his death on August 20,2014. While I was staying at my parents home for a few days after his death, I saw him there twice and then I stayed with a friend for another few days due to the fact I did not want to be in my home alone. I saw him there but he spoke to me and said in a firm tone of voice while pointing toward the direction of our home “go home, go home”. Since I’ve been home I can not count the times I have saw him. I have even felt like he was putting his arms around my waist from behind like he would usually do and there has been times that I was in bed crying and it could feel as if someone sit on my bed behind me and put their arm again and at times I could feel as if someone was laying beside me. I can feel like at night since it has gotten cold as if someone is tucking my cover around me. I get urges or like I have been told to pick up my phone and listen to certain songs on YouTube but I feel as if I am being led through to what songs to listen to. The first time that happened I was led to the song “hello it’s me ” by Todd Rodguin and who else but my husband would it be. There are songs that I never knew who the artist was or the name of the song but I have heard them bc my has had me to listen to them in the past by him just playing them for me. Another thing my male cat has become super attached to me he follows me everywhere I go even to the bathroom, as I leave to go somewhere my cat comes out my window and meets as I am coming down my steps and like he has to kiss me bye just like my husband would me before I leave and no he didn’t climb out the window. So I feel like my husband’s spirit may be in my home were we lived for six years up to death. I feel as if he came home to me. He always wore his keys clipped to his beat loop and I can hear his keys jingle like they did when walked. You can take this how you like but I do believe in spirits and they can make themselves known if they want to.

    • smile

      Do you afraid?

    • michele

      I don’t think your off your rocker im a medium there are lots of people out there just like you

    • Cassie Lambert

      Michele, what kind of medium are you? I am looking for one to help me with a “spirit”

    • Judith de Graffenried

      Where do you live? You can’t trust all mediums. Some are good, some are bad. But you do need the help of a spirit communicator. Also ask Jesus to protect you. The crucifix is very powerful. Call upon Archangel Michael to protect you.

    • Sandy Gracey

      Agreed with Judith, prayers is stronger than anything. Yet I did tried used prayers to get rid of my heart ache and burning, for temporary. If anyone consumed the dark magic in form of foods etc. You must get priest or medium to help remove from inside your body. Cleansing house with prayers from priest is a must if encountering abnormal paranormal activities.

    • Daaniella DiCola

      michele, if you are a medium i have a question, ok i think i am starting to have haunting, because i have nt heard any voices. but it feeels like i get unexplained scratcces or qowies that i have never made, thigs have disapperad and have never come back, i have ben sexual assult, i have feelings lik something is holing or pushing me down while i am lying don and beeing sexually asultd and that is bn going n for a hil now. and i have and blackouts that i an’t explain, at tims i have been held down and can’t move, some times when i am being held down my mouth all of a suddon oens and is kept oen for like 5 to ten miutes afe that it closes and i ddon’t know what going on, and i am reaally worried whats going on and my parents don’t believe me and i don’t know what to do. And sometimes t fells like i am being contactd but i don’t now ho it is. It feels ike i am being hit on the head and fall asleep and i don’t know if its a ghost, polergeist, demon, i don’t know and i am very scared that it will keep going on, and hen i am being seualyy assulted and i get up it feels like whoever is doing it is stuck or stuck its self and can;t get out and its scareing me a lot. like i am being pused, haveing skinned burned theen scratched then icturs on my skinand i don’t know whre its comeing from and the pictures are very disturbing to me, i really need your help to figure out wht going on and i want it to stop and i am literally scared tat it will get worse or never stop. plz help me if you are really a medium and tell me what i shold do t resolvee this.

    • Judith de Graffenried

      Friend me on FB. I’d like to private message you

    • Sandy Gracey

      Hi Daniella, I believed possible your condition is a minor seizure. That includes some of your symptoms, perhaps try to go hospital have a test. I have gone through numerous phenomena of possessions and even disturbance at ultimate level awakening especially night falls for past 25 years. I am litt’ used to it. There are numbers of reasons if you are really being disturbed by paranormal, your house history, parents and even have you close encounter with any enemy friends? What religion you are and even your family? That will leads you the answer you need or where to seek for priest or medium so called. Sometimes it might be related to the above, if not it might have follow you home from the night. It happened mostly.

  • me

    Yes. I live in a haunted home and have pictures and video to confirm. I was a skeptic. I am no longer.

    • Ethel E

      I myself is experiencing some strange paranormal activities it started when I notice the numbers 666 on a person’s address and on a car tag and 2 more things then a patient came for blood work and he called out my full name and ask was it me I replied he said the spirit told him to ask me I’ve been experiencing strange activities in my home and one nite I was backing out of my drive way I almost didn’t see this truck flying down the street I came to a quick stop my inside lights went to flashing as if something was warning me not to back out

  • sal

    I’ve been seeing this black shadow walking around in my mom’s house.

    • Luke Walker

      maybe its doing your mom

    • Morten Alme

      It’s either the milkman, or her lover – or both 🙂

  • Brandon Ryan

    My fiance’s grandfather passed away in our living room a year and a half before I moved it. At random times throughout the day we will just hear someone walking upstairs (when no one is home) or feel like someone is near by (when it is only us). Real creepy!

  • frootloops

    Hey, can I ask where exactly in Belfast you live(d)? I live in Belfast and I found this website via searching “feeling watched while alone”. Just thought it was kind of creepy that I happen to look down this website and coincidentally find a person writing about the town where I live. 🙂

    • M_A

      Off Antrim road, between Malone road and Lisburn road, and off Ormeau road twice. In partially reverse order, since I have been moving a bit back and forth in town at my different periods.

      I may return someday….

  • Alexa

    I feel like my house is haunted i feel like someone is watching me and a guy died in my house I always hear scratching on my door and i don’t have a cat or dog and the lights in my kitchen always turn on and off by there self and i always get scratches on me they come in three’s and they burn bad and i always see this dark figure in my room and i always have night terrors about people i don’t know and a box of cereal flew off my fridge and then a big light bulb fell on my head and i passed out and then i always hear somebody whispering my name

    • Kiara

      Me too i experienced the same feeling as well but what i experience was more severe than you encountered and two people died in my house before we moved there

    • Hope I help :)

      The scratches could be a sign of cancer thats not a ghost…

  • Scared

    Omg my dads house and my moms are haunted and that’s pretty scary for a 10 year old

  • caelan ferguson

    my house is haunted because i set up a camera and my door was opening and
    closing and i saw a ghost

  • caelan ferguson

    my dad has just had a heart attack because he saw a ghost

  • Jamie

    I can’t sleep because every time I’m nearly asleep this really loud noise happens, but the rest of my family say that they never heard anything!! So…What do I do?
    Is it a ghost?
    Or am I going insane?

    • Lady in Red

      That’s called exploding head syndrome. It’s a medical condition. Go to the doctor Asap.

  • MrSpongebobFangirl .

    I think my house is haunted. I live with my mom, my brother, my sister and my dog. One night my mom was downstairs watching TV, and my sister was out. So it was just me, my brother and my dog in our room upstairs. We heard footsteps in the hallway and then a sound like a human hand was knocking and tracing circles on our door. My brother and I both heard it and it was as CLEAR AS DAY. I was sure it was my mom (even though she wouldn’t just stand there knocking on the door and not open it) but we asked her and she never came upstairs. The next morning I asked my brother, “Did you hear the ghost?” and he said something I was not expecting at all–“No, but I saw it.” Apparently he saw it run past at the top of the stairs! According to him it looks like a shadow with nothing to cast it, about 5’4″, very humanlike. I think my brother may be “gifted” in this manner as he told me he’s seen it a couple times. I felt like I was being watched one dark night–seriously, I felt like something was standing RIGHT THERE on the other side of the room. I was afraid to even look because I thought I would see an apparition. I finally looked and didn’t see anything, and I felt it go away once my brother came upstairs. I mentioned it to him the next morning and he said he saw it bending over my bed and watching me! I asked him if it was the same figure he saw at the top of the stairs, and he said yes. We have also had instances with the “borrowers” phenomenon. I left my glasses on my bed and could only find one of the lenses. Then the next day I found them attached to my bathrobe by one of the strings–I DEFINITELY would’ve noticed that before! But now it has apparently taken the lens again. It has also moved objects. I noticed that a random pillow had been placed on my bed, and I asked my mom and my brother about it and they didn’t know what I was talking about. My dog has also been watching the very same corner of the room that I sensed a presence in the other night. My brother says he has seen her doing it often. Last night she absolutely REFUSED to come in the house after her walk. My mom’s radio has once turned on by itself. I am wondering if there is truly a ghost in our house, and if so what to do about it.
    P.S. My sister also reports seeing a woman in a dress in the living room once, and I once heard something walking around downstairs in the night. I know it wasn’t my dog, because she was with us, and her ears pricked up at the sound.

  • Jake

    I always feel sad and sorrow in my new house and I always here like scratching on my walls and stuff

  • Zie

    You forgot to mention strange smells and temperature changes. Usually very cold spots and smells could be anything from roses, to sulfur, or cigarette smoke. I’ve been ‘a sensitive’ my entire life and I’ve encountered many a spooky haunted houses. Including my current house which has a history of suicide, depression and cancer within its walls. I’ve tried every house clearing/blessing I can think of and Its still totally haunted. Footsteps, hissing sounds, foul smells, things disappearing and then turning up exactly where they were thought to be in the first place, night terrors and that icky feeling of being watched and followed by something that isn’t friendly. Anyone on here know of a full proof house clearing? I’ve spread salt around (and even burned some salt) sage, rosemary, sweet grass, cedar, bay leaves, buried crystals, called in angelic protectors, etc. Any suggestions?

  • Zie

    You forgot to mention strange smells and cold temperature changes. I’ve been ‘a sensitive’ my entire life and the house I currently live in in very haunted. It has a history of suicide, depression and cancer within its walls and I’ve tried every clearing/blessing I can think of from spreading and even burning salt, sage, sweetgrass, cedar, rosemary, bay leaves, placing crystals, ringing bells, calling on guardians, the works and its still totally haunted. Footsteps, hissing noises, foul smells, lights blowing out, things disappearing, night terrors and that menacing feeling of being watched and followed by an unseen entity. I’m exhausted. Any other suggestions out there? I’m thinking my next option is to move…

    • Marlene

      you need to tell the spirits that this is your house and you want them to leave. Let them know that you appreciate them Watching over it all this Time, but it no longer belongs to them and they need to leave.

    • MiKayla

      I wouldn’t do that. If it is a vengeful spirit, or Poltergeist, it could make things exponentially worse.

  • AD

    I used to live in a house where a murder suicide happened. While I live there I experienced rogue shadows, abnormal electrical disturbances, a piano playing behind the out-going message on my answering machine – there was no music playing when I recorded it and several other strange things. The house eventually burned and I sold the property and moved.

  • Kalianne11

    I saw an adult size dark grey person “walk” past me upstairs. It was looking straight ahead and did not look at me. It’s form did not move up and down as if walking, but remained at one level as if floating; but still I heard two loud and clear footsteps (like solid heeled shoes) as it walked out of the babies room (which is carpeted) into the hall (which has wood floors.) Thinking back, It would seem that the real floors should not matter, so I was surprised by this “real” physical sound at that precise time it moved from carpet to wood. I could not make out any distinguishing features or clothes as it was “covered” in a dark grey shadow. But it was clearly an adult between 5’8-5’10, and seemed like a fully dressed male shape based on its bulk. I did not get the feeling it cared about my concerns. I felt that it was comfortable and took its presence there for granted. It seemed “determined”, or maybe confident. I don’t think it plans on leaving. I did not get a hostile feeling from it, but I am concerned about the three children. I asked it to leave and I felt a huge swirl of energy fly up to the attic. Any ideas on how to make sure the kids are safe would be appreciated. There has been very loud banging on the wood floors while everyone is asleep, and some toys turning on and playing music.

    • Judith de Graffenried

      Have you smudged your house with sage? Burn some sage in every room of the house with the windows open. At the same time hold a crucifix and demand the spirit leave the house upon the authority of Jesus Christ. Out a crucifix up in your children’s room. Call upon Archangel Michael to protect your children. The spirit could be totally benign, even protective but I would not want spirits around my children.

  • Tania

    Its funny how the person wrote this thinks they know everything about spirit ts anyways. Try being possessed not knowing you were. My mom said Icrawled up the walls like the girl in eexorcism the movie. Which I am wyf…

    • Rob

      I don’t believe I’ve ever claimed to know everything about anything. Or anything about anything, for that matter. I just write about what interests me.

      Although, feel free to correct me if I ever get anything wrong.

    • Sandy Gracey

      It interested me that is why I am here, and what you shared about is totally true and correct facts. Great article, thank you.

  • Vicki

    I need to share what happened yesterday when an agent showed one of my listings. When she first got in the house the realtor and the couple all started going through the the home. When they went into a guest bedroom the realtor out of the corner of her eye saw a man dressed in darker pants and a shirt went into another room. She did a double take cause she thought it was her clients husband. But when she turned around he was in front of the wife. Then they walked on through and said they were ready to go did not like the way the house felt …I am the listing agent. I called the agent that showed it the next morning and was trying to get some feedback. She told me what happened. I said hmmm. No one has told me that before. But she was the 3 Rd showing and the other two agents never phoned me back about their showings. Then I received a phone call from a friend of the lady whose house is listed. She said Ms ….. Called me and said last night(after the showing) she was at home and thought she saw a man walking around in her house… She said I just went to bed … I knew it was my mind … When I was in bed I felt a man in bed beside me and then he got up and walked away. Her friend said Ms…. Yeah u just has a bad day… She lives alone and is older and misses her deceased husband… Then I explained what the showing agent experienced the same day… SOUNDS LIKE MY LISTING IS HAUNTED.. I NEVER ASKED MY CLIENT IF HER HUSBAND DIED IN THE HOUSE AND WHERE HE WORKED .. might explain what he looked like.. Oh and she was saying he had on dark blue pants and a dark blue shirt! THATS EXACTLY WHAT THE SHOWING AGENT SAID.

  • Steven W Shideler

    My lady and I stayed at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, OR three nights. Each night she has woken up confused, one night she thought I was filming us for a friend, another night she didnt know where she was and thought I was a danger to her and the other night she didnt know why we were there. This doesnt happen at home. The room we stay in has the most activity….. Anybody have experience like this. Oh and I acted like an ass hole and said things that I should never say to a woman that I love…

  • Nolan A.

    First of all, we know my house is haunted, we are sure. Many people have come into my house and said to us “Who’s Tony?”. There was a man, two owners ago, named Anthony M. who died in this house. Also my own brother died in this house 6 years ago. There is another spirit that I have witnessed myself, a young girl. I believe the young girl may not be enlightened. Anyways, another way of sorting out spirits from natural occurences, is the defiling of statues. We had a 1.5 ft tall statue of the Virgin Mary in our living room. About 2 months ago, both my mother and myself had terrible nightmares; of what, we don’t remember. We only remember the terrible feeling when we awoke. That morning, we came downstairs and the statue was cracked in the middle, starting at the bottom and going halfway up the length of the statue. Both hands were broken off, right at the wrists. We disposed of the statue and will not be replacing it. I do believe it was the work of a malicious spirit.

  • Stefan

    Well i have one problem right now but i dont know if i am hunted or not. The thing is that every night one girl come to my dream and stop them. When she come my dream disapear and everything become dark, and then i see her forword of me. She starts talking about something but i dont know what is she talking because i cant hear her. And whan she starts talking to me like that she open her eyes and keep staring at me. And when se finished that she again close her eyes and disapear. Than my dream continues exactly when stoped. That is happening for about 1 month and i dont know what to do so guys if you know something about that let me know because i am staring to fell scared. And sorry about my writing cuz i dont know engleash very good. 🙁