Quadrocopters Learn How To Perform “Pole Acrobatics”

By on February 26, 2013 // Inventions & Tech // 0 Comments

Wondering what quadrocopters do when you’re not looking?

They practice throwing and catching spears. Oh, excuse me, “inverted pendulums.”

Now, you may be wondering, Why would quadrocopters ever need to catch spears?

There’s actually a lot of complicated math and algorithms involved, which give scientists a better understanding for how certain actions are performed…and how easily humanity will fall during the upcoming robot apocalypse.

“The goal of the model was to understand what motion a quadrocopter would need to perform to throw the pendulum. In other words, what is required for the pendulum to lift off from the quadrocopter and become airborne?”

You can catch all the technical details over at Robohub.

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