Haunted Mirror Auctioned On eBay

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A Haunted Mirror

“Approx 56length x 48width

The mirror was originally walnut, however my flatmate has restored it with a metallic silver colour, making it appear more modern.

There are what seem to be nail marks on the small shelf space on either corner, where we believe some kind of adornment once was.

There is a row of small round decoration running along the top, several are missing (see photo). There are a few small scratches, though nothing major (see photo)”

Oh, that sounds like any old eBay auction, doesn’t it? An inconspicous mirror, painted silver, nothing out of the ordinary. But wait…there’s more.

Haunted Mirror On eBay

“This is a beautiful grand victorian style mirror and has had pride of place in our North London studio apartment for several months now.

However, I feel it’s only fair that I tell anybody with an interest in buying it about the strange phenomena that has occurred since we acquired it. It is for this reason that we feel sadly unable to keep the mirror ourselves.”

The sellers, Joseph Birch and Sotiris Charalambous, had saved the old mirror from a dumpster, after their landlord apparently threw it away outside their home.

This, it would turn out, was a mistake.

What demons lurk inside...

“Many times since putting up the mirror, both myself and my flat mate have woken in the early morning hours screaming in pain.

We both experienced what I can only describe as intense sharp stabbing pains throughout out bodies. They would strike us both at the same time, then dissapear as fast as they came. Our original suspicions were that somebody was performing some kind of voodoo or Black magic on us.”

From the moment they hung the haunted mirror on their wall, the owners experienced a constant state of unease, a “sense of impending doom.” Even stranger, they witnessed a number of bizarre occurrances: disappearing objects, loud bangs, and pictures falling off walls.

“Many times while passing the mirror, I would see flickering shadows reflected in it. I would stand completely still and yet would continue to see them, quick glimpses of black darkness, darting around in the space behind me.”

The eBay listing also includes a link to an image, which shows scratches on the seller’s body, which he allegedly woke up with one early morning:

Haunted Mirror Scratches

“Last week I woke up startled at 3.30am with a pain in my lower back and bottom that felt like I’d been burned.

I got up and looked in the bathroom mirror to find myself covered in deep red scratches going in all directions. I have short fingernails, and after checking the bed found nothing sharp or no loose springs that would explain such a thing.”

After listing the haunted mirror on eBay, the seller also experienced horrible nightmares involving suicide, and another set of scratches down one of his legs.

The auction for the mirror ended on February 18, with a single winning bid of £100.00. I wonder if the new owner will have better luck…

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