New Anomaly Found On Google Maps

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Image: Google Maps

Another unidentified object has been spotted on Google Maps, this one at the Laguna Aaf Airport at Yuma Proving Ground in Wellton, Arizona.

The object is a circular anomaly, with a glowing center and pinwheel-like spikes radiating outward. Almost like a Ferris wheel. It was found by Youtube user comradstryker, who uploaded a video of his discovery on March 1, 2012.

Check it out yourself on Google Maps by navigating to coordinates 32.866436,-114.385992, or viewing the map below.

Strange Object On Google Maps

Image: Google Maps

Last year, there was a lot of excitement when strange patterns were located in the Gobi Desert. In the end, they were written off as satellite calibration targets, but Google Maps has proven to be an invaluable resource for those seeking the strange and peculiar.

What is this new object? Is it an actual UFO? A helicopter?

What do you think?


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